Poor opposition tactics let Marape off hook

| Academia Nomad

John Rosso (PNG Blogs)
John Rosso - well poised to become PNG's next prime minister as James Marape miscalculates and Opposition fails to strengthen its ranks (PNG Blogs)

PORT MORESBY - Let’s be honest. If there was a vote of no confidence in February 2024, prime minister James Marape would have defeated it.

Governments in PNG are usually destabilised from within - not without.

Leading up to the vote of no confidence, the numbers in the senior coalition partner, Pangu Pati, actually grew. So did coalition numbers overall.

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Back then, bows & arrows quite enough


Taverner bookBarry in PNG's uplands - the cover of his 2014 book

ADELAIDE - In March of 1970 I was sent by Dave Schupp, Assistant District Commissioner, Wabag, to try to stop a war between the Ambulin and the Wabulin clans whilst ensuring that I did not get killed myself.

I was shot at numerous times during that rather fateful day but not by men with guns, they had bows and arrows.

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Medical patrols, rain & a broken airplane

| Samaritan Aviation

SA Mark & Nick fix the plane

MESA, ARIZONA, USA - On my recent trip to Papua New Guinea, I found myself pulling alongside the dock in Kapuna in our seaplane to begin our first-ever medical patrol in the Gulf Province.

This side of the island has never had a medical service like Samaritan Aviation and we will be bringing long-overdue hope and access to this part of the country.

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Angel Mother


Angel mother

Who can love me more than her?
Whose heart is of purest diamond
Whose love for me is too good
Whose love is second to God's
Oh my angel mother
You leave me speechless

Who can measure your gentle patience?
You are resilient and composed when handling crisis
You persevere in the face of extreme difficulty
You believe in me unceasingly
Oh my angel mother
You are sweeter than honey

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Keith out of hospital today

BRISBANE - On this day of tragedy for PNG, Keith was discharged from Wesley Hospital this afternoon.  Keith asked readers to be told that his eighth spinal surgery has been a complete success but that he is distressed by the extent of the killings in Enga.  “This one can be laid at the feet of the politicians, “ he said. 

Liklik tok save

I'm in hospital in Brisbane for further surgery on my spine - operation number eight, which I am told is a lucky number.  PNG Attitude has been ailing for some time now but manages a presence. I'm aware of the blog's continuing importance both for the great reservoir of information it has stored over 18 years and also for its useful function as a place where people can regain contacts long lost.  You needn't expect more much from me in this space until near the end of the month. Bai mi lukim yu - KJ

Bird quits govt to ‘preserve my dignity’

| Thanks to Academia Nomad

Marape's K340 000 wrist watch
Timely reminder to the Australian people about where their aid money goes: PNG prime minister James Marape addresses the Australian parliament this week sporting a K340,000 ($US90,000) Audemarc Piguet wristwatch

WEWAK - I will not be the lookout, standing guard while the riches of Papua New Guinea are plundered. My conscience will not allow it.

I remained in government hoping that this government would solve our cost of living crisis, our power crisis, our FX [foreign exchange] crisis, our law and order crisis and our employment crisis.


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Miss Pacific Pageant is skewed to PNG

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Miss Pacific Islands contestants turn up at lotu
Miss Pacific Islands contestants turn up at lotu. With one million social media users, PNG should be a shoo-in for the People's Choice

PORT MORESBY - The Miss Pacific Islands Pageant is underway.  But the dynamics, particularly the People’s Choice Award, appear to be lopsided.

That is, despite the title, the People’s Choice seems to favour Papua New Guinea.

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Allegations that MP seeks to bribe opponents


Village in Aoke-Langalanga electorate  Malaita
Village in Aoke-Langalanga electorate, Malaita

MALAITA, SOLOMONS – An official in the office of the Deputy Provincial Secretary of Malaita Province has expressed great concern to me that an announced candidate for the 2024 Solomons election, Mathew Wala MP, is trying to force other highly ranked candidates not to stand for election.

Wala has announced he will contest the seat of Aoke-Langalanga and last month he invited other prospective candidates David Filia, Vincent Anisi and David Faradalolo to a meeting.

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BCL granted five-year exploration extension

| Bougainville Copper Limited

Bougainville president Ishmael Toroama and BCL chairman Sir Melchior Tomot (centre) hold the ELO1 exploration licence extension in the presence of government and company officials

BUKA - Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) yesterday confirmed that the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has taken a decision to award a five-year extension of the company’s exploration licence for the Panguna project in Central Bougainville.

At a ceremony in Buka to mark the granting of the extension, Bougainville President Ishmael Toroama said Panguna was a high impact project for Bougainville and that the licence would pave the way for redevelopment of the mine.

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