Hal Wootten

E Course memorabilia

GRAEME O'Toole’s E Course website continues to expand and is a must see for people involved in teaching in Papua New Guinea in the 1960s and 1970s.

Amongst other embellishments, Graeme has recently added to the site extracts from The Magnet, the magazine of the sixth E Course – in this case some delightfully candid pen portraits of the lecturing staff.

Former E Course personnel who have not yet been in touch with Graeme can contact him at this email address.


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Richard Clarke

Hi Keith - Thought i might refer you to the URL below concerning my recent visit to PNG when I met up with some of my former pupils for an unexpected reunion organised by John Kali, now PNG High Commissioner to Australia.

John Kali unbeknown to me arranged for a reporter from The National newspaper to attend. The article below speaks for itself.


Thanks Richard, I'm sure many readers will enjoy that - KJ

Albert Mispel

More on Maria Von Trapp from Noel Ryan on the 4th ecourse.

Hi Albert

I take it you've seen the 4th E-Course photo now on the web, with names to it?
The step-mother was not on our course or in NG. The Maria on our course (a Catholic missionary) was the child (ill) she was sent from the convent to look after and then of course took over the others as well. There are several books on them. "The Trapp Family Singers" and the follow up "The Trapp Family on Wheels", the latter, at the end, telling briefly of Maria, Rosemary and Johannes joining the mission at Budoya (Bwaioia) on Fergusson Island. The books should still be available through you library service, (they are in ours still).
The NG Maria is now 91and living at the Trapp family lodge in Vermont. I didn't know her background when I was on the course. She was a nice unassuming lady of 47 at the time. She kept mainly with the older ones - our interest was in getting down to the Cosmo, the Xavier dances and travelling about. It wasn't I think till about 1966 after I came back and saw the film that I knew who she was. She was around the other side of Fergusson from where I taught at Mapamoiwa, pity I didn't know all this at the time.

I meant to write to her over the years but only did so a couple of months ago when I started on the web and found a site on Google for the Trapp family and an address. She wrote back- was "thrilled" to receive the first letter she'd ever got from a fellow E-courser. I've written back on 2 June and alerted her to the E-course site. I've also asked her if she would like her name and address etc added to the site.

Have at least one funny story regarding Maria, but suggest you ring as I'm only a two finger typist and this takes time. Home at nights on (03) 63822228. Looking forward to you calling. Noel

Albert Mispel

I just got word from a 4th ecourser informing me that THE Maria Von Trapp was on the 4th ecourse.
After frantic googling I reckon it may be true.

"In 1957 the Trapp Family Singers disbanded and went their separate ways. Maria and three of her children became missionaries in the South Pacific. Maria then moved back to Vermont and managed the Trapp Family Lodge until her death in 1987 at the age of 82. Maria von Trapp, her husband (Georg Ritter von Trapp died on May 30, 1947), and Hedwig von Trapp (1917-1972), the fifth child of Georg and Agathe von Trapp, are interred in the family cemetery at the Lodge."
-from Wikpedia
But it may have been her stepdaughter...
"Maria F. von Trapp (1914)
Former lay missionary in Papua, New Guinea, now living in Stowe, Vermont"
-from the family web site at http://www.trappfamily.com
Anybody know anything?

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