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I wish all ASOPA PEOPLE readers a merry Christmas and my hopes for a fulfilling 2007. Our Christmas present takes an unusual form. I've found time to develop a piece on ASOPA for the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. Thus for the first time,we have a definitive article on ASOPA on the Interent. Wikipedia is compiled largely by volunteers and has begun to rival its hard copy brethren in influence, having already exceeded them in size. Wikipedia is able to be edited by its readers and I'd invite you to add factual information to the ASOPA entry if you have something to contribute. You can find the article on ASOPA here.


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Eric Coote

I doubt that all the ASOPA Hallstrom Library book collection went to the University of NSW. Books were widely dispersed (sold off) to dealers - and interested insiders.

It is unfortunate that the records of this teaching centre that aimed at excellence is a footnote in history.

Australians are not good at protecting heritage - or any asset for that matter. Something we will regret someday, probably when most of it has been exported to stronger hands.

Richard E. Jones

I daresay most of us have heard of the busy ACT trollers from the PM's Department and other government bureaucracies who have been busy editing entries unfavourable to Little Johnnie in Wikipedia. Let's hope no one has taken up the keyboard and expuunged any of the Good Keithie's work on the ASOPA section in Wikipedia.

I'm sure many of us would have read the Good Weekend magazine article on Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, published in the Fairfax Press the other Saturday. Wikipedia now has a range 20 times greater than the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica. And it grows by a staggering 1,700 articles a day.

By the way, Wales' organisation employs geeks known as 'Admin' who patrol the pages of this massive online encyclopaedia weeding out incorrect edits. Maybe they'll delete the Canberra posts - perhaps those have already been modified, or turfed out altogether. But puh-leez .... leave Keithie's submission intact.

Bob Clark

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is in the process of beginning the adaptive reuse of the Asopa and adjoining sites. A back to ASOPA afternoon is being held for any ex students, teachers, etc from 2-4pm on Sat 31 March 2007. The Trust is intersted in photos and knowledge of how the site worked and changed over time until its closure. If you can attend you will be most welcome and we would like to collect contact details.

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