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ASOPA in Wikipedia

I wish all ASOPA PEOPLE readers a merry Christmas and my hopes for a fulfilling 2007. Our Christmas present takes an unusual form. I've found time to develop a piece on ASOPA for the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. Thus for the first time,we have a definitive article on ASOPA on the Interent. Wikipedia is compiled largely by volunteers and has begun to rival its hard copy brethren in influence, having already exceeded them in size. Wikipedia is able to be edited by its readers and I'd invite you to add factual information to the ASOPA entry if you have something to contribute. You can find the article on ASOPA here.


Former ASOPA lecturer (1965-71) Roy Clark writes about visiting the School’s long-serving Registrar, Vic Parkinson, at his retirement home in Orange. Vic is 90 and, despite indifferent health, remains vitally interested in world and local affairs. Vic, of course, was a distinguished Mayor of Mosman and President of the National Trust of NSW, positions he held while serving at ASOPA.

Roy says: “After we got over the hellos and the quick description of his symptoms he rapidly got on to the state of the world... He was espousing some of the same remedies I have heard Kevin Rudd mention recently. We covered a lot for a half hour talk and he seemed to enjoy the company and a chance to tell me some of his ideas. Vic asked about former ASOPA people and I am sure he would appreciate a card, a note or even an email.” You can contact Vic at Ascot Gardens, 83 Spring Street, PO Box 8090, Orange NSW 2800 or email him via this address.

Vale Gordon Tripp

Richard Jones forwards the melancholy news that Gordon Tripp, the noted artist and cartoonist, died last June in the Kyneton region of Victoria, where he had settled with wife Cheryl. Gordon had many gigs in Port Moresby in the sixties and seventies but none more tempestuous than one I happened to share with him when we both freelanced for the notorious Black and White magazine.

Black and White published 27 issues between 1966 and 1969 and I contributed to three or four of the early ones before bailing out, as I think Gordon did also, deeply concerned about the mental state and cultural views of the publisher and editor, Henry Lachajcak.

New_pa8 In recent years Gordon contributed cartoons to The Kilmore Free Press. Fran Bailey MP, the Federal Member for McEwen and controversial Minister for Small Business and Tourism, has written of him: “Gordon had a knack of capturing the essence of an issue with a few deft swipes of his pen.” On her website, Fran includes a few of her favourite cartoons “even if they don't always show me in the best light!” I reproduce one of them here. You can find more of Gordon’s cartoons on Fran Bailey’s website.


The PNG education system does not equip people adequately for success in life, according to author Tiri Kuimbakul, who’s book Success After Graduation has just been launched by Western Highlands Governor (and former Dave Argent student) Paias Wingti. Kuimbakul says that most of what students are taught in school teaches is irrelevant, schools stifle originality and, while schools educate, they do not impart skills nor teach students how to develop and manage relationships. “Schools have to make themselves relevant to the needs of industry. Teachers have a lot of learning to do because what they know is probably out of date and inappropriate for students of the 21st century.”

Source: ‘Education system inadequate’, PNG National, 18/12/06


Henry Bodman writes: For those new to this scene, the ASOPA 1962-63 year is lining up for its third reunion – the first being to observe the passing of 40 years since the group had first cast eyes on each other.

The thought originated with the Mosman Bar Group of 62-63 which consisted of the men who were not straight out of school – the worldly men….. ‘Moose’ Davis, Les Lyons, Dave Argent, Geoff Chapman, Dick Jones and Henry Bodman. Messrs Vincent, Smith, Kesby and Flannery became acolytic members of this group as their ‘education’ advanced. Being now scattered all over Oz, the group decided Port Macquarie would be as central as any other place and started the process of assembling the clique.

Col Booth and Keith Jackson heard about the idea and in no time flat the concept had been broadened to include all who qualified as members of ASOPA 1962-63 (and the inevitable ‘attachments’ accumulated over 40 years).

Col and Wendy did amazing sleuthing, eventually tracking down every graduating member of the year. Rory O’Brien was the last cab off the rank and there were a few extra bottles of red demolished the night he was located.

Keith spawned his now life-altering monthly, The Mail – which recently reached its 100th edition. Thanks to Keith’s son’s great support of his old man, a webpage has been developed which has, in turn led to the latest technological fad, the blog ASOPA PEOPLE. All of this has burgeoned into a monster which can be sighted by tapping into Bill Bohlen’s Brisbane reunion website.