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Asopa There was a great turn out at today’s ‘back to ASOPA’ gathering at the old School – which I assure you retains a dignified beauty despite being a little tatty around the edges. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is doing a great job trying to ensure that the site will appropriately commemorate the existence of ASOPA and ITI, but our readers’ help is needed to make this a reality.

This afternoon nearly 60 former staff and students of ASOPA and ITI returned to the Middle Head campus to discuss how to demonstrate the significance of the site and its buildings. While the site’s future is already assured, such is the nature of bureaucracy that there is a need to assemble a powerful case for persuasively interpreting the reason ASOPA existed in the first place.

Without mincing words, what this means is whether the School will be marked by a mere plaque or by something more substantial, such as a research centre or a commemorative display.

“There’s a great feeling of belonging that exists among people who have been associated with this place,” said Bob Clarke, Sydney Harbour Trust architect responsible for the site.

But, he added, ASOPA’s significance needs to be demonstrated and the best people to do that are probably those who worked and studied there. That is, us.

Ingrid Jackson, a former ITI lecturer who I met and married on campus, volunteered to coordinate a project on behalf of the Trust in which people will be asked to provide information including:

          Reasons why ASOPA/ITI should be considered a site of significance.

          Comparable institutions in other countries.

          Lists of photographs, documents or other memorabilia in your possession that may be of interest to a research centre.

You can help keep ASOPA’s memory alive by emailing Ingrid at this Internet address or by faxing her at (02) 9904 0960 indicating how you might be able to assist with any of these matters.

By the way, this month’s issue of The Mail was distributed today. And, if you’re not on our mailing list, you can Download Mail110Apr.pdf right here.


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Richard E. Jones

IN the latest Mail (April 2007) KEITHY made a tongue-in-cheek mention of my football contributions to a website run by a Fremantle-based journo, Les Everitt.
Describing it as a website devoted to Aussie Rules footy or as Keithy put it so deliciously "aerial pingpong", our editor opined that my 2007 season predictions might become "a beacon for the nation".
It's true that Les did kick the website off some years back with articles from fellow scribes and scribblers around the nation solely about football.
However, last year he expanded the said
to include a whole gamut of other activities.
Les enjoys a wide range of things including the viual and performing arts, music, dining out, films and travel.
So dear reader I submit my regular Bendigo Advertiser film reviews and synopses to Les for inclusion, plus articles on international and national touring exhibitions which are hung at the Bendigo Art Gallery.
These other contributions must be scrutinised because just today I have been contacted by a person from South Australia interested in Bendigo exhibitions scheduled for later this year.

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