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Fred Kaad

Kaad In 1964 Fred Kaad OBE was District Commissioner in Madang when the light aircraft in which he was flying crashed, fatally injuring the pilot and leaving Fred a paraplegic with third degree burns to both legs, continuing neuropathic pain and rotator cuff problems. He was, as the result of that tragic event, confined to a wheelchair. But it didn’t stop him embarking on a second and equally distinguished career.

Following a long period in hospital and in convalescence, Fred spent a year at Robb College in the University of New England completing a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. He subsequently became a course director and lecturer at the Australian School of Pacific Administration and stayed on there when it transformed into the International Training Institute, where I first met him.

After retirement Fred worked as a consultant but has spent an increasing amount of time on honorary work in the area of spinal injuries. He remains Deputy Chairman and Honorary Director of Spinal Cure Australia and as a Patron, along with the Governor-General, of the PNG Association of Australia.


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Chris Byrne

I remember Ray Jaensch as a young lad. I remember him because my father Fred Byrne, an aircraft engineer from Parafield airport and Ray were great friends, In fact Ray took us kids for a flight a few times.

William (was then Bill) Davies

I would like to contact Freddie Kaad again having worked with him at International Training Institute until he retired.

I've emailed Fred's contact directly to you, Bill - KJ

Lawrence Stephens

I would also like to make contact with Fred. I read something he wrote about another PNG connection and I would like to make contact with that person's family.

Treacey Dowd-Hamilton

Wendy, have you been able to get in touch with Fred yet? I am only reading this post now. I am related to Fred and can pass on the message if you are still waiting.

Treacey, I have passed your comment and email address to Wendy - KJ

Wendy Jaensch

I am quite interested in contacting Fred Kaad. My father, Ray Jaensch, was the pilot of the aircraft that crashed in 1964.

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