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Brisbane antics: the trial crawl

Brisramble_6 The Brisbane reunion organisers yesterday staged a successful trial run of the ‘CityCat Crawl’ to check out route and restaurants for the main October event in which over 100 former Asopians could take part. Bill Welbourne reports that Crawl Captain Colin Huggins [photo: bottom right] “looked a little anxious until key team member Henry Bodman arrived”, adding that neither man “believes in mobile phones”. The Crawl involved a gentle stroll through the city and a pleasant downriver ferry trip to Brett’s Wharf eventually landing at South Bank with its picturesque parkland and countless restaurants. The 14 people who participated in the trial [seen here departing by rapid escalator] agreed that visitors will experience a memorable weekend in October with plenty to see and do in springtime BrisVegas.


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Denis Murrell

Great to see some 1966~7 action here at last. Hope can make it to the Grumpy Old Men and Grannies Show at the Sofitel. I hear Don is planning to turn it into the last great ASOPA revue, to be called 'Last Big Bender' Should be fun.

Julie Davies (Hatherell)

Somthings never change. Dawn is still a night-owl I see. Look at the times she posted her comments. Dawn, Ros Marks and I shared a flat in Manly in 67. One night Dawn actually went to bed early (8 or 9 pm) so Ros and I, thinking our body clock was wrong and it must be midnight took ourselves off to bed as well. Anyone who rang us that evening may remember getting a blast for disturbing us in the early hours.

Colin Huggins

Could both Ian Johnson and Max Perry supply me with their e-mail addresses so as I on behalf of the QLD Chapter forward the myriads of information.
Anyone who is coming should ensure that when booking into either hotel (Novotel or Sofitel) gets their length of stay correct.
Those already booked in and have the 14th as final day may be under the impression that they are booked for the night of the Sunday - and they are not.Both hotels are forwarding me with the lists to follow up the 14th bookers!!!! Rory O'Brien has just found this out as I did quite some time ago when I booked in.

Dawn McArthur (Taylor)

Hey Max, grumpy indeed, harumph! Julie, Penny and I will be there hopefully, with bells on. Looking forward to seeing you and Darien, yes I remember her well.

Max Perry

Saw your comments Dawn and Ian. Darien (we married in '67 while I was at ASOPA)and I are planning to attend if there are a few of the class of 66/67 attending - in particular 2D. Denis Murrell has been in touch and provided a number of email addresses which I have yet to contact. Would be good to see how we've turned out as grumpy old men and women! Max Perry

Dawn McArthur (Taylor)

There will be a few of us Ian, including some 'ladies'. Should be great to meet up again.

Ian Johnson

I was excited to hear about an ASOPA reunion in Brisbane, but I am from the class of 66/67. Will there be anyone from my era at the reunion? Please email me and let me know if there will. My email is

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