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How Charles Rowley nearly missed the ASOPA gig

A little oomp-pah-pah; a big blast for Colin

While shopping in the Brisbane CBD at the weekend, Colin Huggins walked by the yuppified Grand Central Hotel, refurbished, rebranded and re-imaged an entire socio-economic group above its previous persona – the plain vanilla Railway Station Hotel.

A sign on the façade attracted Colin’s attention:Lederhosen  ‘Join us for the Oktoberfest’. Which happens to be the Saturday of the forthcoming ASOPA reunion. On Ann Street, directly below the Sofitel, from noon that day there will be an authentic oomp-pah-pah band belting out German hofbrauhaus songs such as ‘Ver Oh Ver Uscht Mein Lederhosen’ and ‘Konrad Dere’s A Vlei Unt Mein Sauerkraut’.

“The Oktoberfest commences at noon,” says Colin, “but because of the authenticity of the musicians - all in their seventies - oomp-pah-pahing will cease at four. Never mind. There will still be available 22 varieties of Deutsche sausages and 22 varieties of Deutsche lager.”

Colin’s convinced this Oktoberfest gig will continue all day and well into the night so “after the official function when we have to vacate Le Grand Ballroom 3, those who wish to party on can adjourn to this venue. There will be no band - it will be tucked up in bed - but I should think that the oomp-pah-pah will still be going on. Bring your lederhosen and dirndls.”


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Colin Huggins ( Wau A School 67/68)

Yes, Sue, it is your equestrian teacher of your Year 6 at Wau. The photo in question has been doctored - much to my horror and surprise. I have notified Keith to pass on my contact.

Sue Hurrell now Spargo

Is this Colin Huggins who taught in Wau in the 1960's?
If so would like to get in contact.

Keith Jackson

Following your comment, Colin, I had a very close look at the man in lederhosen and the resemblance to your goodself is, well, remarkable.

Colin Huggins

Just for the record - the person shown in the lederhosen is not Colin Francis Huggins! A complete mystery person.

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