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Mother of invention, great-grandmother to Finn

Kiss_me_quick Former PNG radio journalist Jane Belfield has in the space of a couple of weeks become a great-grandmother (to Finn Mieke Oltvolgyi, born in Queensland on Monday 10 September) and, under her alter ego Jane Hill, herself created a fourth e-book.

And here’s the sell. Kiss Me Quick (you can purchase and download a copy on the Internet for about two bucks) is a collection of nine short love stories. Infatuation, sexual attraction, passion, fascination, obsession. Cupid’s arrow pierces with fascinating consequences.

Jane (Hill) Belfield lives in Victoria on 10 acres by the sea. She lived and worked in PNG for 25 years and was a radio and print journalist who now writes and edits as a freelancer. Her work has been published and broadcast in several countries. Jane’s first romance novel was King of The Castle, but she’s written many short stories with a girl-meets-boy theme and the best are in her current book book.

By the way, the publisher has given Kiss Me Quick a ‘simmering’ rating. Here’s an excerpt….

They had, of course, gone straight to bed as soon as they'd locked the door of their room. Well, that's what you did on weekends such as this, didn't you? What some people called 'dirty weekends', Elizabeth thought indignantly as she tipped hotel bath salts into the steaming water. There was nothing 'dirty' about what there was between Jack and herself. But, of course, Gerald wouldn't appreciate that. Especially as most of the work he was doing these days was divorce cases.

You can read more from Jane’s books or order a copy for yourself at Alinar Publishing here or at Fictionwise here.


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