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Hot off the press - the great reunion dinner program in full

Asopa_logo In just over two weeks time, the Great ASOPA Reunion Dinner will be held in Brisbane - the centrepiece of a weekend of highlights. As designated MC for this event, I’ve worked with the organising committee to line up an evening’s entertainment to complement the cordon bleu cuisine and the conversation and badinage that will flow like, well, may I offer a metaphor, juice squirting from a ripe grape. Hmmmm.

Sofitel_anzac There will be cocktails from 7 adjacent to Sofitel’s Le Grand Ballroom 3 before the dinner starts at 7.30. Youll be at a table with your ASOPA peers, so there'll be no awkward gaps in the conversation. At 7.45, before the entrée wafts its way into view, Dick Arnold [ASOPA 1960-61] will extend a welcome on behalf of the Brisbane organising committee and Rev Dr Barry Paterson [ASOPA 1962-63] will pay tribute to absent friends and then offer grace.

There will be a break in proceedings to allow the noisy eaters to extinguish their entrée before the next segment begins at about 8.15. This will feature a light-hearted talk on the ASOPA legacy by former PNG Young_ken Director of Education and current Chairman of the Australian Press Council, Prof Ken McKinnon AO [ASOPA 1954]. Dr Clarrie Burke [ASOPA 1958-59] will deliver a message from current PNG Secretary for Education, Dr Joe Pagelio, on the theme of the expatriate legacy in PNG education. Then Gail Burke, author of Meeting the Challenge, a book of teaching reminiscences from pre-Independence PNG, will present a cheque to former Rotary District Governor Henry Bodman [ASOPA 1962-63] to purchase equipment for PNG schools.

As the main course appears and is consumed like there's no tomorrow, a succession of speakers representing ASOPA classes will provide a  glimpse of their groups' character and culture in a segment we’ve called ‘Ours was the year that was’. In order of appearance: Sue Ward Asopacrest [ASOPA 1957-58], Ian Robertson [ASOPA 1958-59], Terry Chapman [ASOPA 1960-61], Val Murphy [ASOPA 1961-62], Richard Jones [ASOPA 1962-63], John Colwell [ASOPA 1966-67] and Robert Egglestone [ASOPA 1968-69].

The formal part of the evening will conclude over dessert with a vote of thanks to the organisers from Col Booth [ASOPA 1962-63], the brains behind the first CEO reunion of the modern era at Port Macquarie in 2002. All this stuff will be over by 9.20, allowing plenty of time for everything else. We think we’ve got a good, vibrant program - loaded with friendship, nostalgia and humour. Something to look forward to; something to remember.


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Diane Bohlen

Is it possible to add or swap the logo to the Brisbane 2007 logo?

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