Captains, my captains, my heroes...
A group to be reckoned with: 1969-70

Bill's blockbuster ready for viewing

Bill07 Bill Bohlen’s DVD of the ASOPA Cadet Education Officers’ Brisbane reunion dinner is now available. It covers all the speeches - talks by Ken McKinnon and Clarrie Burke on behalf of Joe Pagelio and each of the feisty Class presentations, including Val Murphy’s uproarious account of his orientation to New Ireland. The DVD, 136 minutes in length, is introduced by Henry Bodman and contains additional footage of the pre-dinner cocktail party. If you've not previously ordered the DVD, you can now do so by sending $12 to Bill Bohlen at 45 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill Queensland 4127. Don’t forget to include your name and postal address.


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Colin Huggins

Bill & Diane - I will be back in Brisbane on Friday after having a well earned R & R. Hopefully we can have our first bebrief at Chez next Wednesday? I require one DVD and from Masta Henry two copies of his souvenir booklet.

Still on Cloud 9 after all the festivities of the reunion - but without sharing with the snorer who sleeps wrapped like an Egyptian Mummy in a room! The report by Masta Welbourne re sleeping activities at the Sofitel will be strongly refuted at length in a future Mail. Hope to see all the Chapter members at Chez next Wednesday.

Henry Bodman

Bill I know you had to work with some ordinary stuff but the end product certainly ain't ordinary...and you need to believe this. Don't let the perfectionist in you spoil the enjoyment and pride in producing this wonderful record.

Dick Arnold

Received a copy of the Bohlen DVD in this morning's mail. A truly great memento of the Saturday evening dinner. Our copy has already suffered a hammering - I've watched it three times today! William has indeed excelled himself in editing and producing such a wonderful record of the evening's proceedings. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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