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Larry’s ‘friendly art’ gives kids a chance

November Mail has full reunion coverage

The November issue of The Mail newsletter, number 117 in the series, is now on this website. It has full coverage of last month’s Brisbane reunion and you can click through to it from the ASOPA People Extra section in the left-hand column.

We publish an extract from Dr Joe Pagelio’s speech on the expatriate legacy in PNG education and Dr Ken McKinnon, tongue slightly in cheek, tells why teachers should organise the Olympics. Former ASOPA lecturer Dr Dick Pearse tells why Middle Head’s light was shining for him. And Bill Welbourne offers his take on the big reunion while Henry Bodman writes on that great reunion dinner. We also cover Dick Arnold’s memorable welcome to reunionistas in Many heroes are seated before me.

There’s coverage of Ours Was The Year That Was: 1957 - Sue Ward Never a temptation to rest on our laurels; 1958 - Eric Johns Finding out what the challenge was all about; 1959 - Stuart Woodger In awe of what we’d signed up to do; 1960 Terry Chapman Living dangerously, last class on campus; and 1961 Ros Sharp et al The ASOPA classics.

There’s also Toktok Gris, plenty of news, coverage of PNG expatriate websites and, after The Mail’s last bumper issue, a bumper Feedback section.

ASOPA People Extra also now has the full archive of the 26 issues of the Vintage newsletter published prior to the 2002 Class of 1962-63 reunion.


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Phil Charley

Wonderful publication, full of interesting stories. I enjoyed Ingrid’s coverage of Phil Donnison's ‘Songs of the Volcano’ - a great DVD that captures the essence of Tolai string bands. Good to see our ‘My Media Trainer’ project featured - and thanks for my feedback piece.

Paul Oates

Thanks Keith. I had no idea my little stories were so well received.

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