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Strictly for the record – class handles

Asopa_years The Brisbane reunion handbook ASOPA Years included some wonderful information and anecdotes from the very beginnings of the School. One of editor Henry Bodman’s clever ideas was to work with contributors to create a catchphrase to characterise each of the fifteen Classes from 1957-58 to 1971-72 whose stories are told in the publication.

For the record, here they are:

1957-58          The original ASOPA chalkies

1958-69          The golden years

1959-60          Chalkies here to stay

1960-61          Last on-campus residents

1961-62          The ASOPA classics

1962-63          The reunion junkies

1963-64          The natives are restless

1964-65          The last of the primaries

1965-66          The first of the secondaries

1966-67          Quality with quantity

1967-68          The Moresby mafia at work

1968-69          Last of the 69ers

1969-70          To be reckoned with

1970-71          The penultimates

1971-72          The times they were a changin’

If you reckon your Class handle can be improved or refined, why don't you share your suggestion in the Recent Comments column. Click through on the Comments link below.


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