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Huge response to School of the Pacific

Can we establish an ASOPA successor?

The forthcoming Ideas Summit announced by Kevin Rudd yesterday stimulated me to fire off a missive Kerrto Duncan Kerr [pictured], the new Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs. And the letter contained a very big idea indeed - a rough operating concept for a notional ‘School of the Pacific’ to be located on the old ASOPA site at Middle Head.

The objects of the School will be to run short programs to address critical issues in the region and to strengthen Australia’s relationships with the region and especially with South Pacific and South-East Asian nations. Attendance at the School will be through Australian Government fellowships to political, government, business and NGO leaders.

The programs on offer might cover subjects like: environmental integrity in the Asia Pacific region; the impact of global warming in the South Pacific; using the mass media as a means of development; economic development and migration in the South Pacific; and promoting educational opportunity through regional cooperation.

You can read the full three-page proposal here

I urge you to add your voice to this concept for an exciting new use for the ASOPA site by writing to Mr Kerr at this address:

The Hon Duncan Kerr SC, MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House


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Bill Wilson

Great idea. I think it should be set up as practical memorial commemorating the work of all field officers who gave up their youth, health and career opportunities to serve and assist the people of TPNG.

Joe Crainean

Your suggestions for an ASOPA successor sound excellent and I trust will be supported in writing by those much more erudite than myself.

Diane Bohlen

What a good idea. Well thought out. Will write a letter to Mr Kerr.

Henry Bodman

At last Keithy a project worthy of you. Don't forget The Hallstrom Library relocation as part of the rebirth of ASOPA.

Phil Charley OAM

What a wonderful concept and excellent proposal for a 'School of the Pacific' at the old ASOPA site! Congratulations! I'll certainly write to Duncan Kerr backing your idea.

Ed Brumby

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll squeeze out some time in the next day or so to support your idea via a missive to Duncan Kerr.

Keith Jackson

The ASOPA site proposal resulted in a record 160 hits on the site in the last 24 hours. Previous record was 139 on 5 November as a result of our coverage of the Brisbane reunion. Now let's turn that interest into reinforcing with Duncan Kerr that this is a terrific idea.

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