New Dawn: we invite you to wish it well
Passion, ideas, idealism, treachery – the beginnings of ASOPA


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Henry Bodman

Janelle and I had a magic time with the O'Briens on their Braham stud property. Anyone, if ever within coo-ee would be mad to miss it. It is very close to the cemetery of ‘We of The Never Never’, also not to be missed.

Moira was one of the very exclusive group from the whole Australian community invited to Parliament House, Canberra, to discuss the republic of Australia some years back.

Phil Charley

Thanks, Keith. Great stuff -- particularly about New Dawn FM.

Moira O'Brien has finally made it online, complete with some snaps of Rory O'Brien (ASOPA 1962-63). Please check out our website. I only uploaded yesterday, so there are still some minor issues that need completing, but I envisage the site will be a dynamic one with regular updates and interesting information. A living story. Hope you enjoy.

Joy Hamilton nee Halpin

I looked at this email and thought "now who is this? more rubbish?" So pleased that I looked before I deleted! I have been having a great time reading 'The Mail' and catching up with so many people, memories and lots of laughter. (My 13 year old daughter keeps saying "Is this true?" Maybe I won't let her read any more
until I vet the stories.)

My time at ASOPA was heaps of fun and laughter, followed by a wonderful time when I returned to New Guinea where I had grown up. When I left to head off to boarding school (as with so many of us) I did not expect to return (as happened to so many of us). However, thanks to ASOPA I did.

Thank you for the memories

Graham Pople

Thanks Keith for continuing to send me The Mail, which I enjoy reading. It brings back some fond memories.

I have read Eric Johns' two books of history by stories and have appreciated them very much. They solve some of the problems of birthday presents for my growing band of grandchildren who show an interest in PNG.

For the 'New ASOPA' an item that should be added to the agenda for possible discussion, as it is spreading throughout the Pacific region, is that of corruption by both politicians and senior public servants. It is rife here in PNG and the odd reports that I read, reveal it is spreading throughout the Pacific.

Please keep up the production of the newsletter and please keep me on the mailing list.

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