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Missing People column is launched

I’ve found that one of the frequent uses – and, as it turns out, benefits – of The Mail newsletter and this internet cousin ASOPA PEOPLE – have been their role in reuniting lost people, finding lost objects and, from time to time, shedding light on lost causes.

So now I’ve decided to establish a permanent MISSING PEOPLE column in ASOPA People Extra [see left] and you're more than welcome to use this facility either as a searcher or a finder or a voyeur of who can be lost and whether or not they can be found.

Why don’t you visit the column occasionally, just on spec.


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Martin Hadlow

When I was based in the Gulf District (1972) with Radio Kerema, "Voice of the Seagull" (a misleading title, I felt, as I never actually saw a seagull out there), I shared a two-man donga with an Irish school teacher. His first name was Fred...but his surname has disappeared from my memory and into the mists of time. He was a big shot in the local Kerema High School, probably even Head Teacher, and I guess he would have done his training at ASOPA. Anyone know of him or where he ended up?

Richard E Jones

Just like Geoff [see Missing People], I too have often wondered about James Tarr. I knew him when he was headmaster (head teacher?) at Pari T School, very accessible to urban Moresby albeit by a slightly dodgy road.

I'd heard he returned to Melbourne - he was a Victorian, after all - but whether by design or on purpose Jim's been conspicuously absent for a long while. It will be interesting to see whether the Hancock appeal on ASOPA PEOPLE brings about a response.

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