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The Governor-General's collection

Sir_paulias Sir Paulias Matane, born on the Gazelle Peninsula in 1931, has been Governor-General of PNG since 2004. He has been a teacher, school inspector, member of the Public Service Board, Secretary for Business Development and Ambassador to the US, UN and Mexico and High Commissioner to Canada. By any measure this has been a very distinguished career.

One of Sir Paulias' passions is writing (he's published 44 books and is easily PNG's most prolific author). A related pursuit has been inspiring other Papua New Guineans to write. "Up to now," he says, "due to my encouragement, 32 people have had their first books published here and overseas."

Now ASOPA PEOPLE is proud to be able to offer readers access to the Matane Library. Twenty-eight titles are available through the charitable Paulias Matane Foundation. Look for The Matane Library under ASOPA People Extra at left where you can find book descriptions by Sir Paulias himself and an order form.

By purchasing these books, which are offered at very reasonable prices, you can delve deeper into the issues that interest Sir Paulias while at the same time assisting charities in PNG. Never before have the Governor-Generals's books been offered in Australia.

Meanwhile, here's a taste of what's on offer in the words of Sir Paulias. I think you'll agree that even this small sample represents a splendidly eclectic collection. By the way, all prices includes postage and packing).....

Humour: The Papua New Guinean Way. "Humour is the quality of something that makes it funny and evokes laughter. What makes humour distinct is the environment and quality of life of the people in a particular region. Papua New Guineans are generally among the happiest people on earth. They live a carefree life and smile and laugh a lot. This book has 100 jokes that will make you laugh and make you happy and healthy."

The Time Traveler. "This book contains a collection of my popular and much sought after weekly columns in The National from 2000-05. It was published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Papua New Guinea's political independence."

Ripples In the South Pacific Ocean. "This is the longest historical novel ever written by a Papua New Guinean. It was first published in 2003. The novel portrays the development in the village life and culture of Papua New Guinea. It is an eloquent portrait of Aimbe, who, by his attributes of courage and compassion, becomes a leader of his community after his father's death." [318 pp]

50 Golden Years: Saga of True Love. "This was my 40th book. It's in colour and black and white photographs and was published just before Lady Matane and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on 20 January 2007. The book narrates the story of our true love and how we have remained united for such a long time. It addresses important questions like what true love is, the pressures of work on married life and what it takes to make enduring relationship in marital life. Contributors to the book include our three children, grandchildren, adopted and those we helped to raise when they were children." [211 pp]


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