1949 – the year ASOPA was up for grabs
How a home-grown discipline was forged


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Diane Bohlen

I have your blog in my favourites together with many other blogs that I like to visit. As ASOPA starts with A it gets hit nearly everyday. It is great to hear that a history of ASOPA may be written.

Henry Bodman

I don't take a squizz nearly often enough, I've got to say, but when I do the pulse matches my 10 year old excitement of having enough lucre to purchase a Polly Waffle. There was elation and anticipation and, like the Polly Waffle, Keithy's strip never disappoints.

Colin Huggins

I have the site accessible on my toolbar for quick looks all day. I probably look every couple of hours! I have referred the ASOPA blog to the Brisbane City Council creative communities team. This group within BCC to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders events like sport and festivals. One of the women concerned used to live in Port Moresby and another is of Aboriginal heritage. Both these people look at the site, find it very interesting and discuss issues with me.

Also I know that Jade Thompson and Rosalie Tavener of Sofitel look up the site to see if there is anything on the reunion - the Brisbane one and a possible future one as does Laura Ousby of the Novotel.

My brother Graham and his wife Gail, who lived as a school child in Port Moresby, also look at the site. Likewise both my sisters - Cheryl and her husband, John, who visited me in Pindiu, and Lynette who went to Alexishafen as a novice nun at the Mission run by the Sisters of Charity.

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