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This is where the blog gets interesting

Ingrid_keith Ingrid and I are off to Europe for six weeks – eastern Europe and the Baltic our focus – and, as you might imagine, keeping in close touch with the people and events that drive this blog becomes a little more difficult.

This is where I rely on you – the reader - to contribute news, stories, reminiscences, opinion and other notes from your rich tapestry of PNG experience. You can reach me through the Email Me tag below my photo at left. I’ll be checking in each day to see how well you’ve done!

My next post will be, I hope, from Prague.


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David Craig

Apinun Keith. Thank you for adding my request re Frank Hiob to your 'Missing Friends' column. Miraculously the day after you posted the query I had an email from Sue Ward giving me Frank's email address. I will be contacting him immediately. The internet sure is powerful. Again tengkyu tumas

Lynne Shori

I am trying to make contact with Geoff Lawson, headmaster at Langendrowa on Manus in the sixties and who would have been known to my father, John Quinnell, headmaster at Loamat in Manus around the same time. I noticed a couple of references to Geoff on various ASOPA webpages and thought it might be the same one. Any help would be most appreciated.

Also, a very belated thanks for posting news about Friends of Rambutso on your website. I have since had two trips very successful trips back to Manus and the Friends of Rambutso team in Australia is now finalising our projects for the months ahead. If there were another opportunity to post an update with you that would be wonderful.

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