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Mi bin mekim wok olsem…..

Jim Moore, who was a kiap from 1965-1974, has created a set of commemorative tee-shirts for all of us who served in Papua New Guinea so that we can actively pursue bragging rights about our well spent youth in those distant times.

Jim asks, I presume rhetorically, ‘Are you proud of your Papua New Guinea service and want to tell the world? Do you want a memento that will be truly unique? Do you want to raise some money for a worthy PNG cause?’ Now I’m assuming the correct answers to each of these questions is yes, yes and yes.

There is another answer that does all this, says Jim: a quality PNG tee-shirt that is emblazoned this text: ‘BIFO, MI BIN MEKIM WOK OLSEM LONG PAPUA NEW GUINEA - KIAP, TISA, POLIS MASTA, LIKLIK DOKTA, DIDIMAN, PABLIK WOKS MASTA, MASTA MAK, MISINARI, PABLIK HELT SISTA [then there’s a space for your avocation of choice, like Nambawan Gavman] - YU OLSEM WANEM?’ Pretty neat, huh?

But wait, there’s more, as the Demtel man would say. Underneath the text are the PNG and Australian flags in full colour. The idea is that the owner uses a permanent marker to tick what their occupation was, or write it in the available space if it’s not there. And there’s still more. On the back are all twenty provincial (district) flags in full colour, again with a tick box that the owner can tick for each district they served in or visited. You can see full colour versions of the flags here.

Jim says he will donate five dollars from each sale to a worthy PNG cause associated with education. “I am open to suggestions as to what cause,” says Jim. “The only criterion is that it must be non-denominational and not linked to political groupings. I heard some time ago of a group organising “a library in a box” for primary schools, which is the sort of thing I have in mind.  Does anyone know of this group?”

So, if you want to order one of Jim’s customised tee-shirts (they’re quality Gildan brand) with black text and full colour flags, you can email him here with all your details (name, address, phone, email) or otherwise contact him at 8 Ewell Avenue, Warradale, SA 5046 or phone him on 08 7225 0521. The shirts cost $45 each and come in a wide range of sizes: Male (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL0 and Female (XS, S, M, L,XL, 2XL).

You can send Jim a cheque or pay by bank transfer to BSB 805-023, Account 0237-7204, JN & JM Moore. Quote your surname and the last three numbers of your phone number as reference.


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Jim Moore

Many thanks indeed for your help in getting my T-shirt ad on the site, I've just come back from interstate and looked at it. To date, there have been 16 sales, hopefully as people start seeing others with them, things will pick up. So far, I've only had one response re education charities that could receive the $5 per shirt donation, that was a fellow in Bathurst who packs and ships stuff to schools, etc. I'll keep you informed about that aspect of things.

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