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Seeking Peter Kerr, ex Mumeng kiap

William James Kewo

I am a Fisheries student at the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in Tasmania. I am writing to you to locate an uncle (that was what I used to called him many years ago) who was part of the ASOPA clan (if I may say that) back in PNG. He was a patrol officer (kiap) and later became a businessman. His name is Peter Kerr, his wife is Geraldine and their children are Susan, Diane, Peter Jr, Jason and there's another one, but I cannot recall her name.

Peter Kerr was a kiap at Mumeng in the Morobe Province and later started a small business. He was with his family in Mumeng until about 1979 when they left for Australia. The last known address was Weetangerra (I think that’s the spelling) in Canberra, but I am not too sure if they are still residing there or have moved on.

My dad used to work with Peter and they were best colleagues as kiaps back in PNG. When Peter started his small company, called Mumeng Trading and Coffee Pty Ltd, my dad joined up with him and stayed until the day he left. It was quite difficult for us to get in touch with uncle Peter. However, now I am here studying, I thought I might look around for some useful information of the family's whereabouts.  

If you know anything about Peter Kerr’s whereabouts, could you respond to the ASOPA PEOPLE email address.


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William James Kewo

Hello Jason, My sincere apologies for not replying to you sooner. I was hoping that you would email me direct so that we could talk more about families and the rest.

I just bumped into this site (Oct 17th, 8:54 pm). It would very much appreciated if you could email me direct ([email protected]) so we can talk more.

By the way, I will be going back to PNG in November, after my final exams. I shall return to Tasmania next year.

Jason Kerr

Hello William. Sounds like you're talking about my dad. I'm now based in London but would be very keen to talk.

Judy Chan

Peter Kerr died suddenly of a heart attack in January 2007. His wife Geraldine and six children live in Brisbane.

Peter Salmon

William, Unfortunately, Peter Kerr passed away a year or two ago.

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