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Duncan Kerr to speak at PNGAA lunch

Kerrport The Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific island Affairs, Duncan Kerr SC MP, has accepted an invitation to be the guest speaker at this year’s PNGAA Christmas luncheon on Sunday 7 December.

“I look forward to this very much,” Mr Kerr said. “Australia and PNG are bound together by a strong sense of shared history, and the PNG Association of Australia makes a really valuable contribution towards maintaining the people-to-people links that are so critical to the continued dynamism of our relations.”

Mr Kerr will talk about the significant changes that have occurred in Australia-PNG relationships recently under the Federal Labor Government, his observations on where the partnership is heading and his views on the role of civil organisations like the PNGAA in assisting to maintain and enhance such relationships.

A booking form for the lunch, which is the highlight of the PNGAA’s social activities each year, will be included in the next issue of the Association’s journal Una Voce, to be disseminated late September.


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Barbara Short

I was a teacher in PNG from 1971-83 and at the moment I'm trying to write a book on the history of Keravat High School. I'm a bit housebound at the moment as I'm recovering from an operation. I was wondering if there is anything good on Keravat on-line. I'm interested in the period 1947-60. John Cleverley is assisting me. Lots of former teachers and pupils are helping me but a lot of memories are weak! Any suggestions appreciated.

[email protected]

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