Scuffle on floor of PNG Parliament
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PNG birth rate continues to soar

Temu Puka PNG’s annual population growth rate –stuck around 2.3% for many years - is the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Puka Temu [right], has told a Port Moresby meeting that PNG’s population will be over eight million in 20 years time. He said if this issue was not seriously addressed it would pose a threat to national development.

“Population pressure can place high demands on the public and private resources such as government funds and land,” he said, saying that according to a United Nations report, social development in PNG is stagnant.

“My challenge to the private sector of this country is to assist the Government in refocusing on addressing the human face of development associated with high infant mortality, high maternal mortality, low literacy rates, high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates and so on,” Dr Temu said.

Source: ‘PNG tops growth rate in Asia-Pacific’ by Nelson K Philip, PNG Post-Courier, 15 July 2008


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Mari Ellingson

Hear, hear! I am an ex-Sogeri student myself. It is not enough to go to such schools, use your education to benefit yourself and your fellow countrymen. That's the impact we expect from highly educated people. Thank you for sharing your story.

Reginald Renagi

Joe Wasia hit the nail right on the head here.

PM Somare is about to exit politics but PNG appears to be in total mess at the moment. I wonder what the grand chief is feeling now and he did not see this comming. I bet he thought it was a good idea at the time to ask Australia for Independence.

Obviously he had no clue that within 40 years the state ship he is now the captain of is in danger of running aground with a fully laden cargo onboard, and there are some tell-tale signs of a mutiny amongst the ship's crew.

Joe Wasia

Yes, PNG’s annual population growth rate is stuck around 2-3% and is the highest in the Asia-Pacific region (ADB, 2007).

It is a pressing issue that needs to be looked at by so called PM, DPM, MPs and bureaucrats hiding away in Waigani dipping millions of kina into their pockets.

The population of this country is increasing at such a high rate and there is nothing to cater for that. I don't know what will be the future looks like if there is nothing done to stop it.

The government must improve and increase the employment and health condition of the people to minimize the mortality and morbidity rate in the country. The leaders are full of ideas but they find it difficult to put it out.

I’m not criticizing the leaders but that is what it is.

sue ward

Puka Temu (one of several Temu brothers) was a student of mine at Sogeri Senior High School before he was accepted by the Army to be trained as a doctor. I lost contact with him for many years until I was lined up on a trolley at Taurama Hospital on my way to some surgery.

Already under the influence of the first sedative, I was very surprised to see a face bending over me, saying 'Hello Mrs Ward. Do you remember me?' In my stupor, of course I was nonplussed, until he said 'I'm Puka Temu. You taught me at Sogeri. I'm your anaesthetist.'

He did a very good job, I must say. Not a single bruise in the hand. And a friendly follow-up visit after the op. I'm glad he has continued to rise to such success. There's nothing like those Sogeri fellows!

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