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Sun Lagoon offer spurs reader interest

A number of readers have emailed me questions about the Sun Lagoon Resort discount deal featured yesterday in ASOPA PEOPLE. I thought it might be useful to share the questions, and my answers, with you.

Is Sun Lagoon actually in Noosa?

It is. Midway (12 minutes walk each direction or a couple of minutes drive) between Hastings Street (beachside) and Noosaville (riverside).

How do you get to the resort?

If you’re driving, the resort’s just off Noosa Parade. If you’re flying into the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore) airport. take a Henry’s coach, which will drop you off at the door.

Does the discount deal just apply to ex ASOPA people?

It applies to all readers of ASOPA PEOPLE and their families and their friends, not just ex ASOPA denizens. Just remember to use the code ‘PNG PEOPLE’ when you book.

Is Sun Lagoon really on a lagoon or is that just marketing hype?

It’s on a lagoon all right. I’m looking out of my window at it right now. And there are fish in that lagoon, and a turtle. Sun Lagoon opens up to Noosa Sound from where you can explore the Noosa River or make your way to the sea at nearby Laguna Bay.

How many bedrooms are there in the units?

Two or three bedrooms with queen and twin beds.

Can more than one couple book a unit?

They sure can.

Are the units self-contained?

Yes, they are self contained: fully furnished; all the utensils you need; most are air conditioned; all have big balconies.

Does the offer only apply to the specified dates or year round?

At the moment it applies to the specified dates (to Friday 19 September and from Monday 6 October to Friday 12 December). When manager Joanne eeles assesses the response, she’ll be deciding on how the offer should be extended.

Is there a bar at the resort?

Trust an ex kiap to ask a question like this. The answer is no, but there’s a bar (attached to the well known Ricky’s restaurant) and a BWS bottleshop just a minute’s walk away (two-minute stagger, three-minute crawl). All units are equipped refrigerators and there’s a barbecue and pool at the resort where you can enjoy a few quiet ones.

Email any other questions you may have to me here.



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