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We have mentioned Friends of Rambutso (FOR) in these Notes previously. It’s an organisation set up to raise funds to work alongside the villagers of Rambutso Island in Manus Province. It’s a small, energetic organisation that seeks to help improve the quality of people’s lives through the delivery of community based health, education and conservation initiatives.

Rambutsotank FOR will hold a film night at Sydney’s Cremorne Orpheum on Friday 25 July to raise funds for the shipment of six pallets of schoolbooks to Rambutso, the installation of solar lighting for 12 community study halls and the construction of 24 community water tanks. It’s one of those projects that does so much to assist Papua New Guineans and which, in a very practical way, builds close relationships between Australia and PNG.

Rambutso library Now FOR is holding a charity movie night in Sydney on Friday 25 July. It kicks off with drinks at the Cremorne Orpheum at 7.30. The first feature is Rambutso - The Movie, a documentary about FOR’s activities in Manus. Then, for ardent movie buffs and Heath Ledger fans, Batman - The Dark Knight kicks off at 9.15.

Cost is just $20 (drinks not included). Book your tickets online here, or alternatively send an email to Ruud Dautzenberg of FOR here.

Photos: Rusty water tanks and dilapidated libraries are the target of action by Friends of Rambutso



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I am very impressed and happy with what you are doing, I am also from Rambutso Island, I actually come from the small attached Island where Mouklen and Lenkau are. I am frm Mouklen and am doing my Masters of Agriculture Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia.

I am also thinking up helping with such projects, in any way I can. I would like to be part of the development of my little Island, its has brought me to be where I am.



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