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Reunion ripples connect Class of 62-63

Bill Welbourne

The ripple effect from last October’s Grand Reunion in Brisbane continues: taking the form of mini-reunions and small social gatherings. Any excuse is sufficient for a bunch of aging Asopians to organise an impromptu clan gathering.

Moose Ros Dennis Bill Bill So it was that Colin ‘Cuddles’ Huggins seized an opportunity to celebrate on the eve of Diane and Bill Bohlen’s 6-week European tour. On Friday ten of our number dined at the award winning Bow Thai Restaurant in the Valley, a favoured place for ASOPA people. I knew of August 1st as the Horses’ Birthday and Wattle Day until informed by Bill that it is Swiss National Day. Colin imported a few Swiss flags and an apple in honour of William Tell.

Dennis and Ros Burrell both teach kindergarten. Dennis told me just that day he was asked to hold some toys but not before the urchin left a deposit on his shoe. I asked Dennis why he chose Kindy, because many of his protégés tend to have spontaneous toilet accidents. “The trouble is I can’t spell. Failed three times before they gave me a conceded pass rather than take me out of the classroom.” Also joining this group from the Class of 1962-63 were Dick and Jo Arnold (1959-60), both in vibrant health.

Henry and Nuk We enjoyed a wonderful evening supported by friendly staff and superb Thai cuisine. And heaven and earth fell into place when Huggie’s special friend, the showcase of Asia, Miss Nuk, took time out to chat with us pose for photos.

Photos: Top - Bob ‘Moose’Davis, Ros and Dennis Burrell, Bill Welbourne, Bill Bohlen. Lower – Henry Bodman and Colin’s special friend, Miss Nuk.


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