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Getting serious about Pacific broadcasting

In a thoughtful opinion piece in today’s Australian newspaper, Malcolm Colless asks a question that will be resonating through the corridors of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: whether the ABC is the appropriate organisation to build Australia's image internationally. “If not,” says Colless, “it should be uncoupled from this role.”

Colless takes as his starting point the Federal Government's review of national broadcasting, launched last week and argues that this offers Kevin Rudd with an ideal opportunity to demonstrate he is serious about enhancing Australia's profile in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Surely what we need is a strong and credible international voice if we believe that our contribution to, and significance in, the region should be taken seriously,” he says. “Failure to take a hard look at this will show that the Government, despite the rhetoric about Australia's future role in the Asia-Pacific zone, is not prepared to risk bruising precious egos in Foreign Affairs or at the ABC. And the result will be that we will continue to be saddled with an international broadcasting service whose primary function seems to be to deliver sporting programs to expats in hotels and Australian diplomatic missions across the region.”

“But to do this he has to first walk through a minefield of political correctness and challenge the shibboleths extolling the sanctity of editorial independence inside the ABC, something that has entrenched support from the bureaucracy. Failure to confront this issue will leave Australia hopelessly outgunned in the rapidly developing communications battle for relevance in the region.”

You can read the full article here.

Source: ABC not up to engaging with the neighbours’, Malcolm Colless, The Australian, 28 October 2008


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Oala Moi

I googled Boera and read a short story by Richard Jones titled, "Special Delivery."

I took particular interest as the delivery boy in the story (Gonogo Ganiga) is actually my maternal uncle. My mother's maiden name is Naime Ganiga and I am also from Boera.

Please inform Mr Jones that Uncle Gonogo is still alive and well but in his mid to late 40s (I think!).

The story put a smile on my face as it confirms my misgivings about this uncle's boasts about working for the Post Courier back in the seventies. I may have been a kid but my instincts were not always wrong.

I will print this article and show to my uncle once I return from my overseas trip (am actually in Beijing now). I am sure my uncle remembers his head teacher fondly.

Mea Michael Tabe

Hello, all of you wonderful and hardworking people of ASOPA. I've nothing much to say but just trying to find out if my dad was a member of the ASOPA organisation in 1971/73. His name is Mr Jack Daera Tabe.

I moved from Port Moresby to Brisbane in 2003, My dad passed away a year later. I cherish the moments he always used to show us on photographs about his education and training in Australia with the Macquarie University and the ASOPA organisation.

I would appreciate it very much if any of you would kindly give me some information. Thank you very much and God bless. My mobile number is 0406 359 279. Email [email protected]

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