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Wonem kain man hia?

Robin Hides’ note [see Recent Comments] about an unfortunate typo (since corrected) reminds me of a story. Paula Brown and Harold Brookfield did a lot of fieldwork on land use in the Simbu during the mid sixties. Paula had a boyish figure and affected a pith helmet, calf length walking boots and jodhpurs. All set off by a pair of severe, steel-rimmed spectacles.

If you’re male and have been in the bush in that part of the world, you might have experienced the lapuns’ testicle squeeze as a form of comradely greeting between men. After my initial encounter, I was always prepared and took an obligatory backward step.

As the story goes, near Elimbari out of Chuave, Paula and Harold and their line walked into a village and were greeted by the luluai. Harold got the squeeze, and so did Paula. Finding no testicular development, the luluai gave a sharp squeal, cried out in tok ples and the whole village fled over the nearest ridge The story soon got around about the “liklik wetman ino gat bol”.


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