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From left: Diane Bohlen, Joe Crainean, Katherine Crainean, Colin Huggins, Bill Welbourne, Bill Bohlen [ASOPA 1962-63]

Big reunion news and mini-reunion news is always welcome on PNG ATTITUDE, but I don’t know where we’d be without the regular get-togethers of this handsome crew from Brisbane.  They are accomplished networkers, they make sure the ASOPA spirit is renewed on a regular basis and then they plan their next move – and report it.

Here are their reports about yesterday’s most recent exploit on the Deck at Brisbane’s Southbank Parklands:

Colin Huggins: “Today at was great. The usual camaraderie and laughs. The place was virtually empty. About 20 there - sits over 200 - a sign of the financial crisis? I felt sorry for them. We discussed among many things the date for the next ASOPA (Brisbane and close areas) get together. Possible dates are Wednesday 28 January and Wednesday 4 February.”

Bill Welbourne: “I thought this was a great shot of our small Christmas celebration at the Deck. As you can observe, apart from the grog, we are noted seafood specialists. Note Huggibear’s favourite colour – yellow. He not only wore his usual yellow socks but a striped yellow shirt as well!”

Diane Bohlen: “Well it is that time of year when friends get together to celebrate Christmas. Asopians are ex students of the Australian School of Pacific Administration, which was a college in Sydney where students trained, who were going to Papua New Guinea or the Northern Territory to work. We caught a train to the Parklands and then walked through the Bougainvillea Arbour to the restaurant. The lunch was delicious. Salmon, Snapper, Barramundi, Garlic bread, salad and chips. A glass of wine and an iced coffee. Colin is happy with his bucket of prawns.”

You can visit Diane’s blog, with its wonderful photographs, right here.


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