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Now is the time to get behind the kiaps

Like many readers of PNG ATTITUDE, I worked in association with and observed the nation-building work of Kiaps in PNG over a number of years. I formed a lifelong respect for these men – and no less for the wives and families who supported them in what they did.

For some time now, ex-Kiap Chris Viner-Smith has been striving to obtain some form of official Australian recognition of the Kiaps’ services. This has not always been easy – there are some Kiaps who think the notion of recognition is effete, which I have to say I find hard to understand.

Meanwhile, Chris has a submission currently before the Australian Parliament to give some formal recognition to Kiaps – and I think this is the time to get behind it. As a group, the contribution of Kiaps to the development of Papua New Guinea was critical and it was unique. I’m sure that any fair-minded consideration of their pioneering role would reach this conclusion.

So, having said that, let me turn to a letter from Paul Oates:

Dear ex kiaps

Responses from local Members and the Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs (Hon Duncan Kerr) supporting Chris' submission are now starting to be received. All have promised to raise the matter with the Prime Minister.

If you haven't already done so, please contact every ex kiap you know and have them write to their local member, Duncan Kerr and the PM to support this initiative.

When you e mail or write, please let Chris or myself know as Chris has done a lot of work on our behalf and he should have all the support we can give him.

And this is where you come in. You can write a note (the shorter the better) to your local MP supporting Chris Viner-Smith’s submission. Just say something like: “The Kiaps built Papua New Guinea. Give them the recognition they deserve”. That’ll do.

And you can find the email address of your local MP here.


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Paul Oates

I'm not sure what Fiona's request has to do with this subject however perhaps she should post her 'fares' on the PNGAA site?

Mipela ino klia long dispela toksave bilong meri olsem. Bai mipela baim tiket bilong balus igo long we? Mosbi, Lae oa wanem ples ya?

Fiona Speedy

I am Sales & Marketing Manager with Airlines PNG - I would like an email address to send notification of our fares to so that your readers are aware they can fly with us to and from PNG. Feel free to forward my email address to them. Tenkiu tumas na regards

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