Kerr foreshadows South Pacific trade pact
My views on the role of the PNGAA

PNGAA raises $8,700 for PNG project

A major fundraising enterprise initiated by the PNGAA will today hand over a cheque for more than $8,700 to the Oro Community Development Project. The raffle was drawn at the Association’s annual Christmas lunch on Sunday and won by Len Bailey, a PNGAA member since 1984 who lives in the Sydney northern beaches suburb of Dee Why.

Oro Project organisers were delighted by the outcome. Project spokesman, John Kleinig, thanked the Association for what he called “this extremely worthwhile initiative”.

“The Hon Duncan Kerr MP [on Sunday] enunciated the need for closer contact between both the governments and the peoples of PNG and Australia,” says John. “Such a statement of intent is important and it reaffirms what we all believe should be the status quo.

“The Oro Community Development Project provides us with a remarkable opportunity to assist children in the province. The education and health systems struggled well before the impact of Cyclone Guba.

“We believe our decision to concentrate on helping teachers to teach, empowering mothers to be the basic health providers and encouraging children to take a much greater interest in the village garden and agriculture in particular, will make a difference.

“Without the wonderful support of PNGAA members, the idea would clearly have faltered. On behalf of all those directly associated with OCDP, we sincerely thank you for what you achieved.”


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I've wondered about Peter's current 'place in the world', too.

We were at Canberra High together in the mid '50s. Then no contact till @ ABC POM, together with Iain Boden and Kane Savage. Those were the days!

 Dan Tripp

Kevin - Peter Trist is an old family friend. My mum just gave me his email address a couple of weeks ago.

Email me [email protected] if you want Peter's e-mail address.

Don't hold your breath tho, he hasn't yet replied to the two e-mails I sent him three weeks ago. He strikes me as a bit of a computer-technophobe. Haven't seen or heard from him since my Dad's funeral in 2003.

Kevin D'Arcy

What a super site and a wonderful way of catching up on people, places & things.

It was sad to read of the death of Ian Boden. John Kolia was another eccentric literary light on the tangled shore of PNG Studies, long since departed.

I wonder of anyone knows the whereabouts/email address of Peter Trist? Peter was a beacon of inspiration and innovation of the broadcasting and
theatre scene in PNG in the 70's and 80's.

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