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Brisbane, you really are a good old town

I don’t suppose you’ve heard of Huggins Global? Most people haven’t. Until now, that is. But I warrant more will be heard. It’s begging to be heard. Colour – yellow. Theme – yellow. Design – yellow. Temper – mellow. I’ll say this for Huggins Global. The eponymous Huggins in the bright yellow shirt sure knows event management.

Let me explain. It’s one of life’s real joys to hunker down for a while with old acquaintances: to learn what they’ve been doing since last time; then to quickly figure they’re the same people they always were, just a bit more battle-hardened.

My day trip to Brisbane yesterday had a number of highlights, of which being there was the best. In the Whistlestop Bar at Central Station, we swapped recent history. In the Sofitel dining room, we reminisced. And, later, in a quiet corner of the hotel, we drank coffee and made plans.

So what does this have to do with PNG Attitude? Well, quite simply, it is the PNG Attitude. Working together to a common goal. Enjoying the process and challenge as much as the outcome. Robust and candid, but never offensive. Respecting harmony and the art of compromise. Appreciating that others know more than you about stuff. And you know more than them about other stuff. Sharing the vision. Understanding the myriad ways to get there.

The lessons of Brisbane are good lessons. They engender hope and optimism.

[This has been a community service announcement on behalf of Huggins Global, No Liability, No Regrets – a Joyful Corporation]


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Diane Bohlen

I'm a Huggins Global fan. Great words, Keith, and thank you.

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