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Captain_Suvista  Not for the first time, congratulations on an excellent and entertaining Mail 131! People may see that number (131) and never take time to think the amount of time and effort over the years you have dedicated in producing news, views, historical references, social events, reunions and so the list goes on. I for one can't thank you enough.

It was good but yet sad ( for Paul Oates) that you have at last met face to face. I very much enjoyed the article of your meeting with Paul and the vista of his Boonah hacienda. Also that takes a bit of worry off me as none of us at the January 28th lunch to the best of my knowledge have laid eyes on Paul and Sue. So I will not have to be concentrating on who comes through the door at the Whistle Stop and will not have to be waving yellow articles of clothing for them to know who we are. God - just imagine what Bill Welbourne would have written if that had occurred!

When you made your startling resignation statement and I told people "look at the blog and make sure you are seated", I got a reply call from Peter and Margaret Lewis. As the Blog had become very much PNG orientated and no longer ASOPA (Vintage variety) they were nonlookers and had lost contact. Well last night as the Burrells arrived (who had been on the road and thus had no idea of recent events), Margaret downloaded all what has been written - how many trees would that be? - and they have all had their heads stuck down reading.

Who would have dreamt that all this started at Port Macquarie in 2002? Not me, never. Looking forward as always to seeing you, and comparing back wounds on the 28th. Should be a splendid occasion.

The 131st issue of ‘The Mail’ is now available on PNG ATTITUDE here. If you would like a copy emailed to you each month contact Keith Jackson here. The Brisbane PNG chapter meets on Wednesday 28 January. Contact Colin Huggins here for more information.

Photo: Suvista Captain will not be in Brisbane with owners Paul and Sue Oates. The Captain charges at  red but tends to flee when confronted by yellow rags.


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Diane Bohlen

Looking forward to meeting Paul and Sue on 28th and whoever else turns up.

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