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Sweeping Keravat history on the way

February’s ‘Mail’ is now in your inbox

The Mail for February was emailed to subscribers this morning and is now on site. It contains all the usual features - Mauswara, News, Comment and History – together with the results of our first readership survey.

Among some of the more noteworthy responses from readers:

I like the contributions by our peers, keeping us up-to-date with their activities. Unfortunately, some of these scribes seem to be holding back of late – Ian McLean

It is up to date with current issues. It is forthright and puts all points of view. It is about the right length. It follows up issues. And it’s available to everyone on line - Chris Viner-Smith

For a volunteer effort which I suspect is almost 100% Keith Jackson’s work, The Mail is an astonishing publication. It is most professional in its compilation and production - Rei Fehlberg

I find it extremely readable and a way to keep a tenuous check on what my old friends are doing in their lives now. Also a way to see just how things are progressing in another country that was for so long a part of my life - and which helped to shape me as a person. And, to a lesser extent, it allows me to indulge in a little nostalgia - John Segal

It arrives regularly to keep me in touch with what's going on in PNG and (unlike many other newsletters) it's literate! - Jane Belfield

It’s a more balanced source of ex-PNG-expat news and interest than the others currently available. The emphasis on ex-chalky-talk is understandable seeing that the founder and most of his contributors to date are ex-teachers. It’s well-produced and it’s free - John Fowke

This most worthy monthly compilation has been through a few phases and changes of direction since its inception. We all know why The Mail started and I do not think we should ever lose sight of that. I am also aware that if you had to rely on personal contributions from Asopians solely then the publication would have starved to death long ago. I, for one, really look forward to receiving my monthly edition of The Mail. I would like to read more personal tidbits/articles from fellow Asopians but I confess I am as bad as the rest when it comes to actually contributing something - Bob Davis

I like the read, I like the comments from the various people. I like the conflict that arises from time to time. I like following the journeys that people’s lives have taken. I gave the best part of 16 years of my energetic years to PNG and do not regret one minute of it. When I returned to Western Australia I felt I had made a contribution, even if it was as simple as teaching a Bena kid in the Eastern Highlands how to slot the Steeden over the black dot. The read gives me a sense of kin - Val Murphy

Thanks to these people and to all the other folks who contributed to the survey.


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Wilhelm Speldewinde

Thank you for the latest Mail – 132. Another great job well done.

Two questions –

How can I arrange to read some past Mails? I have kept them since No 90 but have missed a few in the middle.

As I live in Canberra I would like to be involved in the Kiap Recognition Meetings – who can I talk to to help?

Many thanks in anticipation.


I have provided Wilhelm with the information he sought - KJ

Mea Michael Tabe

Hello all of you good and hardworking people of ASOPA. Nothing much to share here. I just wanted to confirm if my late father, Mr Jack Daera Tabe, was a member of your organisation in the 1970's.

I believe he did some studies at the Macquarie University in 1971 before I was born. Growing up in PNG, he would always take out the photographs and show us.

All of us are married and have our own kids. I moved to Brisbane in May 2003 as a permanant resident, living and working here. I would really appreciate it if anyone could kindly give me some information about my dad.

Thank you all and God bless. My mobile number is 0406359279. Email [email protected]

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