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Friends all over the place: bits & pieces

BILL WELBOURNE writes that he sold his Mount Cotton home in Brisbane as he embarks on a move to Victoria where he has strong personal and family connections. “Brisbane has been my home since 1976 after returning to Australia from PNG,” says Bill. “It is difficult to leave Queensland as part of my heart belongs here and I feel I am a fully qualified Queenslander after 33 years. My son Andrew and daughter Angelique as well as six of my eight grand children are firmly entrenched Queenslanders. My deceased wife Pam and eldest daughter Julie-Anne are buried here. I also have my many friends, particularly those formed through ASOPA who settled here after our years of teaching service in PNG.”

“I noted on most of the Victorian number plates a slogan: ‘VICTORIA - The Place To Be’. But I now question that slogan after the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history with all the bushfires. Perhaps it should be ‘VICTORIA – The Smouldering State’? Some of you may be question my wisdom but I will have the company of two doting granddaughters and a very dear friend.”

KATHRYN AND JOE CRAINEAN rejoin the grey nomads and hit the road to give Australia a major going over tomorrow. You can keep up with their travels on their Kermit blog site at Kathryn writes: “In the words of Numbers 6:24-26, we are assured of His hand over our travels.” And for the unBiblical among you, the citation is: “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace." Go well, good travellers.

COLIN HUGGINS is also deeply engaged in travel pursuits from his Brisbane base. In his case the focus is on maintaining contacts with former ASOPA buddies. Colin has just been to Ballina to see Brian Smith, who’s doing well, as is soon off to the South Australian bush town of Burra to catch up with Val Rivers.

Colin will also be staying withy us in April as he visits Sydney for the annual general meeting of the PNG Association. Methinks it would be a good idea to nominate Colin for the national committee of this organisation. He’s a great networker and the Association could do with some Queensland blood.

ASSOC PROF MARTIN HADLOW has drawn my attention to the Myer Foundation Melanesia Program, an initiative of the Lowy Institute. You can visit the website at - it is rich in PNG references.

According to the InstituteAustralian aid has not been effective in helping the Pacific Islands region make significant progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. The focus of aid on improving public sector capacity and governance has not stimulated sufficient private sector participation to meet the development aspirations of Pacific Island populations.” There’s much more similar material on the site.


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Rod Hard

A minimum of 50 years as a resident unless you were born in Q'ld before "fully qualified" status is applicable, Bill....and,yes,...I query your wisdom !!!!

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