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NGVR/PNGVR supports PNGAA reform

The Management Committee of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles and Papua New Guinea Rifles Ex-members Association (NGVR) met on 31 January to discuss the PNGAA Reform Group and its intentions. NGVR President, Phil Ainsworth, also Convenor of the PNGAA Reform Group, said it was important to canvass the Committee’s views. An e-newsletter was also sent to 110 Association members. The responses received have been positive and confirms the Committee’s views.

Although most of the members are not members of PNGAA, and were not aware of recent developments, the Committee gave its support for the following reasons:

Object 2 of NGVR’s constitution concerns the promotion of a close relationship with the people of

Papua New Guinea

. One of the purposes of the reform group is for PNGAA to have a similar object and actively pursue it; Object 6 of NGVR’s constitution is to affiliate with other organisations which possess similar aims.

The PNGAA has a growing Australasian wide membership around 1,600 people with an affinity with PNG. It has a great quarterly journal “Una Voce”. If the restructure is successfully accomplished, the PNGAA is likely to be a firm ally and supportive of NGVR’s activities. Additionally, the Committee supported any change which would incorporate democratically elected office holders including committee members.


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Dr Pasinganlogo Jethro Usurup, Lt Col ret

I wish to be in touch with PNGVR Association President, Capt P Ainsworth ret.

Jane Belfield

I don't blame you for resigning! And I, for one, don't know whether I shall continue to pay my membership fee.

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