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Cairns 1964-65 ASOPA reunion 2009

Sue Ellison

Planning for the second ASOPA class of 1964-65 reunion is well underway. The reunion is to be held in Cairns from Wednesday 30 September to Saturday 3 October. Checkout will be Saturday morning following the final get-together at the reunion breakfast.

The organizers are aiming for attendance figures in the mid-thirties. Those attending to date: Annette (nee Sandstrom) & Malcolm Ashe; Sue (nee Kenway) & Kevin Ellison; Ken Grant; Gabriele (nee Nitzche) Litfin; Ed Brumby & partner; Rik & Ursula Ralph; John & Gaye Barclay; Robyn Edmonds; and Col Ridding.

 The proposed itinerary includes a welcoming cocktail reception, a trip to the Atherton Tablelands, a trip on the Kuranda Skyrail or out to the Barrier Reef and a grand reunion dinner. People from other ASOPA classes who would like to participate are welcome. Please contact Sue Ellison at [email protected] or phone (07) 4091 3359.


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Colin Huggins

The Brisbane Chapter of the 2007 "Big Bash" reunion have decided unanimously that the proposed 2010 re-run has been shelved. We feel that other year groups and a new area would be far better. As was stated some time ago by the Chapter Chairman - "The Baton has been passed". It is now a case of the baton being picked up.
Both hotels here have been thanked for their cooperation and advised of the decision.
It is a wonderful challenge and whoever and wherever decides on another go at it, then if they have as much camaradie and fun as we had in organising, the effort is well worth the attempt.
I hope that Sue and her group have a wonderful reunion this year in Cairns.

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