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Don’t miss chance to change PNGAA

The latest Una Voce drops into my mailbox weighing in at a substantial 68 pages and looking most refined with its recently acquired paper stock, as smooth to the touch as a silk stocking.

Its articles include my letter of resignation from the PNGAA presidency, a generous response from the committee and an unsuccessful attempt at analysis by Graham Taylor, for whom the hazy distance of Adelaide permits no insights into the inner workings of Association politics. Icarus shmickarus, Graham.

Una Voce is published quarterly, can be obtained only by joining the Association and, since this costs just $20 a year, represents a true bargain for anyone with an enduring interest in what happened to old whatsisname last seen on the Rai Coast in ’62. You can become a member by clicking through from here and I encourage you to do so.

The current journal also comes with an embedded proxy form that allows members to exercise a vote for or against constitutional change at a special general meeting scheduled for 26 April, the Sunday after Anzac Day. I suspect that most members will dump this form along with the old newspapers sometime in the next few days.

Accordingly, the most significant constitutional change proposed for the PNGAA in its history has the profile of a drinking lizard. Getting the 75 percent majority of voting members required to achieve a result that will revive and redirect the Association will be difficult. This will need much more targeted information and energetic advocacy than has been the case so far.

So, if you’re a PNGAA member and have your Una Voce to hand, extract that proxy form, put a cross in the ‘yes’ for change box and post it to the Returning Officer. That way, when the resolution is defeated, you can rightly claim it wasn’t your fault.

In PR we’d call the committee’s approach a low profile campaign not intended to rise above the radar and conducted merely as a matter of record.

I will be delighted if the final result proves me wrong.


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Robin Mead

Snide swipes

Tom Mara Wangegel

PNGAA has clearly failed its purpose since it was established. I have been in Australia since 1984, arriving here as a seven-year old from the highlands of PNG, and have not receied any support from the organisation.

I am not resentful but I have been disappointed by the fact that PNGAA has not achieved what it was set up to do.

PNGAA should be there for one purpose, and that is to support and encourage the students and the new arrivals amongst Papua New Guineans.

I can see the similarities between PNGAA and my own government back home. For a long time I have been watching and learning how the government of PNG operates. Everyone who sees PNG from the outside has observed the way the country has gone backwards.

Let's stop looking at the past and deal with the present so there is a better future for the next generation.

Gerri Nicholas

So sorry to read of the difficulties and disappointments. I hope Graham Taylor is wrong about your feathers!

Diane Bohlen

I will be sending mine soon. Hope we get the numbers.

Colin Huggins


I also have received my copy of Una Voce.
Filled out the proxy form and will hand deliver at the meeting on the 26th. April. Hopefully I may have received a few others to hand in at the same time. Looking forward to seeing you at Killara on the 26th. Hope many more of the forward thinkers are present.
Congratulations Andrea on editoring all the news - you do a wonderful job.

Rod Hard

I have my copy of Una Voce(and the Proxy Form)...but have decided to diarise the date and deliver my thoughts in person.

Historically, changes to a constitution are difficult to attain - with 75% a daunting figure. Distance will prevent the vast majority outside of Sydney from attending -but the "blue paper" will give them an opportunity to register their sentiments.

Two minutes of your time and a 55c stamp...and let's get some forward thinking into this association.

Sue Ward

I have just mailed the form to the returning officer, giving you my proxy for the meeting on 26/4. I have voted for change. I do hope you are successful in moving things forward from the dinosaur age.

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