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1964-65 CEOs reunion planning well advanced

Sue Ellison

It appears our number for the ASOPA Cadet Education Officer 1964-65 reunion will be approximately 26. There maybe one or two to come on board closer to the date and a few elusive bods who have been in contact but not this year. Thanks to all those who have responded in one way or another.

The idea for a booklet of autobiographies or life histories is going ahead. Ken Grant and Keith Wilson have written theirs. The idea is that each autobiography is accompanied by 'then and now' photos. This applies to everyone whether you are attending the reunion or not.

Keith and Ann Wilson are unable to attend but Keith has contributed his tale. As Ken is the coordinator for this project could autobiographies and photos be forwarded to him. I don't mind forwarding on if you'd prefer to send to me. Ken's email is below.

Here is an up-to-date list of those attending: Annette & Malcolm Ashe; Sue & Kevin Ellison; Ken Grant; Gabriele Litfin; Ed Brumby & Partner; Rik & Ursula Ralph; John & Gaye Barclay; Robyn Edmonds; Col Ridding; Don Williams; Warren & Jill Enks; Mick & Didamain Uibo; Janine & Barry Paterson; Kevin & Jenny Bourke; Carol Thomas; Sue & Rob Linton

Please consider contributing to the life histories book. It can be as brief as you like. No more than one A4 page is required.

1964-65 Cadet Education Officers Reunion: Cairns, 30 September – 3 October

You can email Ken Grant here and Sue Ellison here.


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Sue Ellison

Have just made another plea to the reunion attendees for autobiographies but decided it needs to go to everyone.

Thank you to those who have sent autobiographies. They are: Kevin Bourke, Gabriele Litfin, Keith Wilson, Don Williams, Ken Grant, Ed Brumby, Col Ridding, Sue & Rob Linton, Annette Ashe, Sue Ellison, John Barclay.

BUT we need more!

I know the stated date has passed but we won't knock back any newcomers; we will welcome them!! Please take a little time to scribe a word or two. It really doesn't take that long. Oh, don't forget those photos too.

[email protected]

Greg Brien

My friend and ex-colleague Dorothy Livingstone (Hyslop) recommended that I write to you. I am searching for the Minenda Language Drills programs. She thought you might be able to help me get a copy of them. Would you be able to do that for me, please?

If you can track down a copy of these venerable old English language drills, you can get in touch with Greg at [email protected]

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