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From: Griffin, Alan (MP)

To: Keith Jackson

Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 12:05 AM


Dear Mr Jackson

I get really sick of people who haven’t had the courtesy to put a proposal to me directly for consideration trying to conduct a campaign through the media.

Given your extensive involvement in the Labor Party for such a long period of time, I’m bloody disappointed that you know so little about how to try and have an issue properly considered. 

Given your supposed expertise on this matter I’m also surprised that  you are so unaware that Defence, not Veterans’ Affairs are responsible for support around searches for missing vessels and the recovery and identification of remains.  If you’d been paying attention you would have seen that recently with who was commenting around such matters with respect to HMAS Sydney, Fromelles and recent MIA searches in Vietnam.

As to what I said to Mark Day, I would have thought that someone with your extensive political and journalistic experience would know that journalist select quotes from interviews and the story is then edited accordingly.  Therefore, you should know that you don’t know what else I said or the context in which it was said.

And as a lobbyist I would have expected a bit more sophistication when it comes to commenting on the political process.

Best wishes

Alan Griffin


From: Keith Jackson

To: Griffin, Alan (MP)

Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 07:34:42 AM


Dear Alan -

This issue has been put to Government many times. The relatives have been booted around the park, fobbed off, pushed from pillar to post. And, yes, advised that DVA was the place to go.

"Know how to get the issue properly considered", you're kidding. What do you expect people to do when they've been frustrated so many times? Meekly fade away? Hmm, I think I'm on to something there.

Mark told me he'd mentioned to you "Why not tell them what they want to hear – that you’ll find a way to give comfort". It was good advice. And you would not have been "taken out of context", if indeed you were, if you'd said something approximating those 'words of comfort' Mark referred to.

I'll ignore your final par. My colleagues and I will just keep on fighting for a group of Australians whose relatives paid a very high price for their country; a group of people who still grieve and who have been ignored for too long.

I am sorry, given your eminent position in our community, that you do not seem to be prepared to do likewise.




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Rod Hard

Do you feel sufficiently chastised Keith?? Do you feel that you should stand in the corner for classroom misbehaviour.???

"If you’d been paying attention you would have seen that recently with who was commenting around such matters with respect to...etc etc"

Obviously Alan Griffin should read his own "Bio" from his Website...viz

"Alan’s commitment to Australia’s veteran and ex service community has been long term, having been Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs since 2005. By actively engaging with veterans across Australia, Alan has gained an insight into the unique experiences of veterans and ex service personnel, and the issues that face them and their families."

If he has been carrying out "Alan's commitment to Australia’s veteran affairs" over the past 4 years during which he has been involved with the Veterans Affairs portfolio he may have more of an idea of what has been happening rather than take the aggressive and offensive approach in the e-mail above.

It suits politicians of all persuasions to selectively accept responsibility when it suits their image.....

I have usually found Mark Day to be a honest journalist (given my overall opinion of the breed) which is more than I can say about Griffin and his cronies.

Get off your butt and do something Mr Griffin - now that you are obviously aware of the scenario.

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