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Australian boomerang aid denies PNG full quid

A magic blog from a magical London PNGn

2008 Mari Ellingson is from PNG and lives and works in London.

Mari is a singer, songwriter, poet and playwright and, just recently, a blogger. Her blog is called My Magic Moments, and subtitled ‘A PNG expatriate in the UK’. I’ve linked to it below.

"The idea of blogging is absolutely mind blowing and mind boggling!" says Mari. "Mind blowing because of the possibilities and opportunities it represents. Mind boggling because it can be frustrating navigating on a website and at the same time trying to use a computer as effectively as you can.

"Sometimes it feels like driving on a highway without a map or a sat nav. Last year about this time, I did not know what a blog was or what twitter was all about. Well this year I’ve decided to participate in the 21st Century."

Mari is also a recording artist and her many other interests include music, photography, travel, food, reading, personal development, history, autobiographies, jewellery, paintings and other artistic creation.

Why don’t you pay a visit to My Magic Moments here. And say g’day.


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Rob Dehaan

Thanks for your support with Mari's first blog. Great to see how well she's done. She is one of my former students from Alotau, and couldn't be further from home, literally.

And, as always I excitedly follow your trials, tribulations and successes.

We are on our way back to PNG by yacht despite our slow progress. There is just so very much to see, so if you ever get a free moment and want to see something completely different, just tune in.

Rob & Laurie Dehaan
Yacht 'Arita'

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