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PNG’s Opposition, led by Sir Mekere Morauta, says it has the support of 58 of the 109 Members of Parliament and is set to bring on a vote of no confidence in the House of Assembly this afternoon.

Thirty Members are said to have defected from Sir Michael Somare’s ruling National Alliance coalition.

Today's PNG Post-Courier reports that the first item on Parliament's agenda will be a motion of no confidence in the Speaker.

The Opposition says it gained support of the Government members at a meeting of MPs in the Eastern Highlands last week. The meeting was convened to discuss mining legislation, but turned its attention to national governance.

“The government will just have to face the music,” an Opposition strategist told the Post-Courier. “If you look at this current Parliament, many of these MPs are first timers and they are frustrated that there is nothing good for them, even those in the Government ranks. We also have 13 governors supporting us."

There has been considerable disquiet in PNG recently because of what are seen to be inequities in the distribution of wealth from a range of resource enterprises.

The Opposition says momentum is building for a change of government and that a no-confidence vote could be attempted during this week's sitting of Parliament.

Sir Michael, deriding the prospect of a no-confidence vote, questioned whether Sir Mekere even had the support of his own MPs.


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Tom Jackson

Spowf...any update on whether the vote occured?

Emmanuel Narokobi

They should have a Parliamentary Twitterer to let us know what's going on.


It's almost a quarter past three. The sitting should have began at 2pm. I'm overseas at the moment but a friend of mine is keeping me updated on how it turns out.

Jan Messersmith

Hope springs eternal . . .

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