Somare runs scared: House out for four months
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PNG in crisis: the citizens express anxiety

In the wake of the suspension of the PNG Parliament this afternoon, as the Somare governmment sought to avoid a vote of no-confidence, tonight's news from Port Moresby has an ominous ring.

“This is politics in the ‘would be dictator’ style and I don't think the people will accept it,” a  veteran observer of Melanesian politics has told PNG Attitude. “We’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow.

“I hope that I’m wrong but I expect disruption as from tomorrow.

“There is no real problem with this, but I might have troubles going to the bank if the people start to walk the streets.”

We'll provide further information from our contacts in PNG as we receive it.

If you're in PNG and have information about flashpoints, actual or potential, email PNG Attitude here.


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Paul Oates

Hi Paulus,

Thank for your reflection on what's not happening in Port Moresby. It is pretty much what one would expect. People mostly wish their government would get on with what it was elected to do (i.e. govern the country) and leave them alone. The problem is that eventually an 'attitude of lassitude' tends to encourage and embolden those who are in power to step over the line and break the law. Once they reach that point, there is no going back. That's human nature.

What is worrying is that whenever a level of frustration builds up like a volcano, the smallest tremor may start an eruption. The recent riots against predominantly Asian businesses in PNG were an indication of this process. The longer there is no safety valve available, the greater the eventual explosion.

Everyone seems to know what is wrong in PNG today but no seems to know what to do to fix the problem. Now is that the problem or a symptom of the problem?

Paulus Ripa

Up here in PNG there is really nothing going on. In Port moresby it is life as usual as a cynical public just continues to go about their daily activities.

David U. Ketepa

It's the right time for the people of PNG to show their frustrations, be it on the streets, protest marches, stop works, etc to show the National Alliance-led government that they are corrupt and manipulating the democratic system to suit their selfish needs and clinging on to power.

I urge PNGeans to speak up and get rid of the corrupt government of Somare and Temu and their lack of government policies under the unproductive party called National Alliance.

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