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Stephen Ellis

The PNG liquefied natural gas project’s announcement on Monday of its secured customers is a milestone that moves the project a step closer to the final investment decision in October.

The massive LNG project is set to change the face of the PNG economy. But PNG landowners need assistance to reap the long-term benefits associated with the project.

LABA Holdings Ltd represents the collective interests of landowners in the western part of Port Moresby. The aims of this new organisation include engaging with landowners in areas affected by the project, negotiating a contract with contractors and ensuring equitable distribution of dividends to landowners.

LABA is also responsible for organising PNG labour, catering, camp services and security as well as managing spin-off businesses in areas such as transport and agriculture.

The LABA Board has requested international development agency ABV to provide volunteer experts to assist set up its office in Port Moresby. The volunteers will focus on building business capacity through a transfer of knowledge and expertise.

The initial goal of ABV is to assist the Board with grant writing to request seed capital from the government. Following this, volunteers will work with the Board to recruit and train staff in business administration, high-level negotiation, finance, human resources and marketing.

This will ensure LABA becomes a sustainable organisation with the capacity to represent the interests of landowners and benefit the whole community.

ABV urgently requires an experienced Business Development Administrator who can work with the Board to hire a CEO, develop a business plan and best-practice procedures as well as assess training needs.

Given the size of this project, ABV is also looking for a number of other business professionals who can assist on future assignments with LABA.

If you or someone you know is interested in assisting with this project, contact Amelia Manion here.

Stephen Ellis is the communications officer with Australian Business Volunteers


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Rausi Iru

As a leader of a Single Lanco company, Buria Rea Rea Caution Bay Ltd, I welcome any volunteer group to work very closely with my group as we map our way to participate meaningfully in the PNG LNG Project spin-off businesses.

We do not want to be mere spectators in this respect. Please contact me if you are interested at [email protected].

George (Land Holder)

Laba Holding is only a minority group from the four impact villages. You should explore BRPP, the umbrella company representing the majority of the people from the four impact villages who are also backed by the current MPs and the governor of the Province.

Laba Holdings is the master mind of Sir Moi Avei with other foreign hands we know of and are mindfully observing their motives.

Sue Ward

As a person who worked for 20 years in PNG during its 'formative' years, I have again been able to continue to work towards promoting skills transfer and business independence there over the past 15 years. This work was carried out as a volunteer with ABV, and I can't speak highly enough of the competence, ability and involvement of this not-for- profit organisation, specialising in short-term projects which get results.

I'd like to encourage you to look on ABV's website to see the range of their work, and also to check out the Upcoming Assignments tab to find out about 15 other projects for which they are seeking volunteers.

There is also the opportunity to work in several other SE Asian and South Pacific cuntries. The conditions are good and the results are rewarding. And what a wonderful opportunity this offers to people like yourselves - skilled, very interested in and familiar with PNG, its people, cultures and languages, and looking to reinforce and build on previous relationships forged over time.

I am proud to now be serving on the Board of ABV (as a volunteer) and I know Amelia, the Volunteer Manager will appreciate hearing from you.

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