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Kiaps reunion: Overweight & looking like a spiv

November Attitude now in subscribers’ inboxes

The latest issue of PNG Attitude – the newsletter – was distributed to our 300 subscribers yesterday.

It’s a monthly compendium of the best of this blog – edited, refined, re-organised and updated.

It includes a range of departments – news, opinion, people, obituaries, books, history, sport and a comprehensive section devoted to reader feedback.

If you’re not a reader yet, email me here and add your name to the email circulation list.

And if you are receive the newsletter already, why don't you let interested friends and colleagues know they can subscribe. For free.

This will give more sinew and leverage to our efforts to strengthen the relationship between Australia and PNG.

Go to it.


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Anne Griffin

Congratulations on your wonderful site. Would you please add my name to the distribution list for the monthly newsletter.

My father, John Rex Griffin (Jack) did a three-month crash course (August to November 1946) at ASOPA in its early days to prepare for the job of kiap, and served in that role from 1947 to 1953 (Saidor, Buin, Kaiapit, Port Moresby).

I was born in Lae in 1951 during the Kaiapit posting, and have an abiding interest in my country.

Trev Shelley

Thanks very much for this month's copy. Again a marvellous effort, and excellent reading.

I have forwarded the issue far and wide and encouraged membership.

Jim Burton

Would you kindly add my name to your subscription list. Please let me know what the fee is. I should now be able to keep reading about PNG affairs.

In case you didn't hear of Muriel Larner's talk at the monthly 'Memories' gathering here in Brisbane that I convene, I am attaching a copy for you.

If ever you come to Brisbane, please give me advance notice because you could be available as our guest speaker.

Subscriptions to our monthly newsletter are, of course, free. We'll run an extract of Muriel's talk in our December issue - KJ

Mike Cunningham

I would be grateful if you could add me to the PNG Attitude subscription list. I spent some years (‘64 to ‘70) as a kiap, and then to the end of ‘73 involved in mineral exploration.

Bert Cross

Please add my name to the circulaton list. Just received word of this newsletter from Jim Burton who I believe received a copy via Bernard Oberleuter. Kept me up most of the night reading through it.

I see Reginald Renagi is a contributer. I follow his contributions via 'The National' and the 'Post Courier'. Always has sensible things to say.

Phil Ainsworth

Congratulations on the latest edition of PNG Attitude.

Genevieve Nelson

G'day Keith. Another impressive read - and many thanks for the article about the Kokoda Track Foundation and the vote of confidence! I will definitely get something to you for the next edition.

Robin Lillicrap

Thanks, Keith. Excellent presentation. No wonder you had a busy month.

Laurie Meintjes

Thank you very much for the review of Pretzel Legs. I must say, from one fellow who likes words to another, that you have done a sterling job.

Having read the review, I thought to read Pretzel Legs again!

Although the book owes me nothing, it is gratifying to see the response to the review.

Read the review of Pretzel Legs (link below) and see the special $10 discount offer for PNG Attitude readers. It's the perfect Christmas gift for all members fo the family.

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