Business ponders penetration of organised crime
Archive display features loss of Montevideo Maru

Image of Montevideo Maru II comes to light



IT IS THE Montevideo Maru as you’ve never seen it before.

This is a wonderful composition and is almost certainly of a motor vessel built around 1956 as the successor to the first Montevideo Maru.

The negative came to light on eBay and was purchased by James Hook, a ministerial adviser with the Northern Territory government. Palm Photographics of Darwin went to work on the negative and came up with this stunning image.

James has identified the bridge in the background as the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

The first Montevideo Maru was a passenger vessel. This successor is a freighter.


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Robin Mead

An amazing and beautiful picture. The cleanness of the image, the peaceful setting, the geographic location - all in stark contrast to what was to come. A thought-provoking window into history.

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