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Investigate Somare over Moti, says Ombudsman


AAP - A REPORT by the PNG Ombudsman Commission has condemned the Somare government's role in helping Julian Moti flee the country in 2006 despite Australia's request for his extradition.

The report tabled in PNG's parliament yesterday says police should investigate the part played by Sir Michael Somare and other senior PNG government and military officials what became known as “the Moti affair”.

At a time of soured Australia-PNG relations, Mr Moti was put on a PNG military plane and flown from Port Moresby to the Solomon Islands in October 2006, although Australia had asked for him to be handed over to face child sex charges, which ironically were later thrown out of an Australian court.

Mr Moti, a Fiji-born Australian citizen who was later appointed attorney-general of the Solomons, was wanted in Australia over allegations he had raped a 13-year-old girl in Noumea and Vanuatu in 1997.

Sir Michael has always denied sanctioning the flight to the Solomons, but a leaked PNG Defence Force inquiry in 2007 found he had ordered it and recommended he and senior government officials be charged.

The Ombudsman’s report states that “the direction to transport Mr Moti to the Solomon Islands came from the PM of PNG, Sir Michael Somare, which was facilitated by key Government officials".

The report lists ten leading figures including the prime minister, then deputy prime minister Don Polye and the prime minister's chief of staff, Leonard Louma, along with PNGDF and police officials, in a chain of people involved in spiriting away Mr Moti.

Mr Moti was arrested in December 2007 at Brisbane International Airport after being sacked as attorney-general of the Solomons and deported from Honiara.

In December last year, after lengthy court proceedings, Justice Debbie Mullins threw out the case after finding that Australian Federal Police payments to the alleged victim's family had brought the administration of justice into disrepute.


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Paul Oates

Why is Somare is reacting so badly to the tabling of the Moti Report in the PNG Parliament? Because not only does it say that he should be investigated, it also says he should be CHARGED.

Here is an extract from page 84 of the Moti Report prepared by:

Chairman and Commissioner Honourable Chief Justice Gibbs Salika, CSM, OBE, Supreme Court Judge, of Papua New Guinea, General (rtd) Anthony Huai, CBE, Deputy Chairman and Commissioner, and Mr Daniel Liosi, Commissioner 13 December 2006 to 16th March 2007.

"We recommend the following persons be investigated and charged for conspiracy: Prime Minister Somare, Chief Secretary Joshua Kalinoe, Chief of Staff Leonard Louma, Director General of OSCA, Joseph Assaigo, Defence Force Chief of Staff and acting Commander, Colonel Tom Ur, Barney Rongap, Colonel Viagi Oala, Joint Operations Commander Chester Berobero, Lt Col. Ron Hosea, Mr Job Kasa, Executive Officer to Mr Kalinoe."

Joe Wasia

The Ombudsman Commission must make justice prevail.

It must investigate the issue of the Moti affair until justice prevails. It’s a shame to hear ten leading figures of the country involve in facilitating and spiriting the alleged rapist out of PNG. The list includes Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, then deputy prime minister Don Polye, chief of staff Leonard Louma and others.

The issue is not new to the leaders and bureaucrats of this nation. There have been several cases raised against many prominent people but nothing much done to them.

I wonder if there are two laws for leaders and ordinary citizens. As far as I know there is only one rule of law for every citizen, and that must be respected by anybody whether you are a prime minister, a judge or a bureaucrat.

Why we are putting more emphasis on the William Kapis issue than other corrupt act by the MPs and bureaucrats of this nation?

When looking at the Prime Minister of PNG and his track records, there are unexpected things about him. Surely, some shame must take over after his involvement in the Moti affair, illegal appointment of NMSA chairman, Taiwan cash diplomacy scandal, the Singapore $US40 million scandal, disbanding of Commission of Inquiry into Department of Finance, alleged deal with Michael Mathew a US businessman (how Bart Philimon was removed as Treasurer) and overlooking the Immigration laws of the country by permitting a mass influx of 300 Chinese per week in 2008 and many more corrupt practices.

The Ombudsman Commission must make sure justice prevails. Other responsible bodies must also play an integral role in lifting the rule of law in the Moti Affair. If we let issues of this nature go unchallenged then we will spoil our nation. Therefore, the law enforcing agencies must stand up and fight to get PNG back on track.

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