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Sadly, compensation always starts at the top


WRITER AFTER writer in the PNG newspapers complains abut the deplorable state of PNG government services.

If I main accost and momentarily detain an old joke, you can't really complain about the services, because there aren’t any! Boom, boom!

I mean, Blind Freddy can work out what's wrong.

In yesterday's PNG National, three articles effectively highlight the essential issue that has determined why a country, so rich in resources, has a large, disadvantaged population.

Speaking about the Sir Michael Somare, PNG Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta says: ""Is the Prime Minister blind? Is he so insensitive and intoxicated with power that he cannot see what the nation and people need?

"PNG does not need a K130 million executive Falcon jet for exclusive use by the Prime Minister. We need that K130 million to repair classrooms, teachers' houses, health centres and staff housing, training for teachers and health officers, repair and buy new life-saving medical equipment as well as repairing fast-deteriorating inter and intra provincial roads.

"The Falcon jet is already being used as a mini bus. How many millions will the Government spend to operate and maintain the mini bus?"

Sir Michael was also ridiculed for trying to increase the number of ministries from 29 to 33. The five new ministries seemed to be required to ensure Somare retains power despite the logic.

The logic? If 28 ministries can't manage PNG, will 33 manage it better?

In the same newspaper, Dulce Oreke highlights a deficiency in the PNG health budget. The new hospital in the Port Moresby suburb of Gerehu, providing health services for 800 people a day, has had to close due to lack of funds.

And the highway that is the critical artery servicing the PNG highlands, is in desperate need of maintenance.

Sir Michael complained the landowners were at fault for claiming compensation.

"The Government cannot pay compensation as well as pay for road works. Let's get sense into our people. Leaders must educate their people," Sir Michael said.

"We have to stop these huge unnecessary compensation claims."

But when people see their leaders claiming brib… er… kickba… er… compensation, how is it that they are supposed to behave differently.

Over to you Sir Michael.


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