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FIVE AUSTRALIAN citizens are in police custody in Buka charged with illegally entering PNG from the Solomon Islands on the 16.5 metre yacht Perenti.

The Australians have been identified as Michael 'Northy' Northcote (46), Thomas Olsen (44), Clayton McDonald (33), Putu Winchester (34) and Michael O’Neil (42).

Captain Northcote was allowed out on bail and was aboard Perenti when our photographer took this picture. The five men will appear in court on Wednesday morning.

According to Senior Sergeant Alex Gunan, the five arrived at Arawa from the Solomon Islands but did not report to Buka for clearance.

The Perenti, which is registered in Sydney, then continued via Inus towards Buka.

Police were alerted and stopped the yacht as it was trying to leave Inus.

Perenti2 Police had a search warrant and searched the boat finding 10 kg of marijuana.

The captain and crew were then taken to Buka and charged for illegally entering PNG waters and for having drugs in their possession.

The yacht is now mooring near Sohano island between Buka island and the Bougainville mainland.


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I heard the same story - not 10 kilos, it was 40 grams. Those poor guys, I feel for them. Come home soon boys.


It wasn't 10 kilos, it's 40 grams from what I've heard. And the police have increased the amount, so this journo needs to get his facts right.

As well they had guns put to their heads and have spent three nights in a jail with murderers/drug addicts etc etc.

Never trust a rascal, for all who've been to PNG the joint is super dodgy and they are all stoned 24/7.

Tim gave no last name and no email address. Readers should form their own judgement - KJ

Henry V Aight

The entering was quite acceptable. They can just reason out or something. But the Marijuana thing is not. Ten kilos man, that's way off.

And also why did they allow the captain to bail out? Ten kilos is so much of an amount for an illegal drug to be carried.

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