Need for defence force audit & enhancement
PNG requires an effective energy strategy

The May PNG Attitude e-magazine was emailed today. Some PNG readers have missed out because one of the ISP's there employs a very aggressive spam filter called Barracuda, which didn't appreciate receiving traffic from Hanoi where I'm spending a couple of days. Let me know if you want No 147 and I'll try to figure out a work-around.


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Peter Comerford

Wow Keith! What an edition. I have been out of the loop for a few months and am just catching upon some reading. This was a brilliant edition but very unsettling.

I was staying in the city over the weekend and met briefly, by accident some Papua New Guineans who were down for the week ‘observing’ discussions with the Australian Govt on the dispersal of funding, profits etc for the gas line project based on lessons learned and loss of confidence in PNG.

I couldn’t talk for long and most was in rapid Pidgin but i thought I recognised a couple of faces of ‘big men’ from PNG Govt.

Jaymz Dash

Good to see Mauri Pears is still around and interested and interesting. I must say I haven't noticed his name since we left NSP in 1984.

Regardz to you and yours .. Jaymz

Mauri Pears

Great read, thanks Keith.

The Defence Force is fixable but not without Australian help and some form of autonomy.

In my prime I recommended a Ghurka style force as with the UK: gave good income to the country and trained some socially responsible men.

I also advocated taking a Company to Vietnam.
You can imagine the response from Michael. It died on the vine.

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